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Me and My MuuMuu. Pregnant with Triplets at 24 Weeks

Here at Journeys of The Zoo, we’ve been spending all our spare time getting ready for our annual summer trip to the Family Farm Compound (North of Toronto). Don’t worry, it will be business around here as usual with hilarity… «more»

Pampers Is More Than Just Diapers #babyshower

  I was talking to a friend the other day about how Pampers has been with Journeys of The Zoo since the very beginning. And that was a really early start, try 30 weeks, 3 days gestation (yes, the 3… «more»

Disney is Looking for Canadians for a Blogger Opp

  Journeys of The Zoo is excited to get the opportunity to review Disney’s *NEW* Cuddly BodySuit and you can too! Disney Baby has just released this adorable “you-need-it-in-your-closet” item into the Canadian Market and they are dedicated to helping… «more»

$250 Dulce Mio Gift Card Giveaway, WW, 08/12

Welcome to the $250 Dulce Mio Gift Card Giveaway, hosted by How Was Your Day? and Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! Journeys of The Zoo LOVES all things handmade so we jumped at the chance to share this amazing giveaway with… «more»

Journeys of The Zoo

The Time I Got Migraines to Avoid Ballet

I remember it like it was yesterday.Another event, just like all the others. One where I’m out cash, have to dance around and wear a silly costume. Is Ballet and Brownies some regulated form of torture Right of Passage? Because… «more»

blog sabatoger rat

Are you a Blog Sabatoger, Bully or an Enabler?

Ever get that sinking feeling that something just isn’t right, that someone is sabatoging you?I have that feeling. I won’t go into specifics because as they say in Hollywood, “All Publicity is Good Publicity” (although I think a few people… «more»

Mobi Prize Pack ($145), #babyshower, CAN, 08/23

I am so excited to present you with an amazing nursery accessories giveaway from Mobi that will make one lucky Canadian very happy! Don’t have a Baby? No worries, these items would make great gifts and on the off chance… «more»