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A Meal to Remember Thanks to Boston Pizza Orleans

Boston Pizza Orleans The Gang

Tonight, the Family enjoyed a Family dinner at Boston Pizza Orleans. We were celebrating Marcella’s visit home for the summer as she has been living in Madrid, Spain since last September (and for two years before that in South Korea). After just over a one-hour drive (what dedication), we arrived at 5:15pm with no reservations. No problem. We were greeted by a bubbly girl and only had to wait two minutes (if that) for a table of eight (five adults, three 2-year olds).

Boston Pizza Orleans Kids Toys

Before we made it to our table, there were two booster seats set-up (we had the choice of that or a high chair), crayons and paper ready to amuse the kids. Two minutes later, Christina arrived followed by a girl asking her if she wanted a booster or high chair. Whatever system they have for customer service, it works!

Boston Pizza Orleans Ethan

The place was starting to fill up but thankfully wasn’t too warm (given all the bodies and the fact that it was 31 degree celcius outside). There were tons of kids (those parents know a good thing when they see it) and we got Katie as our server.

I know why Boston Pizza employs her, she is really good at what she does and probably likes her job (although I didn’t ask). You know how you can just tell when someone doesn’t. With the level of service we received, you would have thought that we were Katie’s only table. Not the case but she made us feel that way.

It worked out that Katie took some of our orders before others (our decision, not hers). We were totally expecting to have a delay in the arrival of our meal, I mean, it was starting to get busy and our delay in orders was probably five minutes. Nope. Our meals all came at the same time. Magic!

Boston Pizza Orleans Artemis

Boston Pizza Orleans Maximilian

We ordered three appetizers; caesar salad, nachos and goat cheese spinach dip (pictured, deadly). The last one had a “brushetta-like” topping with zing. For mains, we ordered; pasta, pizzas and chicken salad. All were tasty and arrived hot but I wish that I’d order the Tuscan and not the Greek Pizza (order envy is my specialty). We all ordered non-alcoholic beverages.

Goat Cheese Spinach Dip

Individual Greek Pizza

I am totally out of touch with prices for eating at sit-down establishments (like Boston Pizza) so I’ll let you be the judge on price. For five adults (and three kids, we didn’t order anything extra for them), it came to $105 plus tip. I’d have to think that (just over) $20 per adult is a great price! Note that we also took home enough leftovers for two adult meals. To top it off, when we were paying Katie asked us if we collected Air Miles (we do). Double Yippie!

All in all, the restaurant was clean, had a great atmosphere, was very kid friendly (we let the kids run around for a bit, yes, we’re THOSE kinds of parents) and the food was exactly what I would expect from a Boston Pizza.

A big thanks to the Owners and Managers, Leslie, Rachel, and Katie for making this a meal to remember. We will be repeat customers.

A Meal to Remember Thanks to Boston Pizza Orleans!

18 thoughts on “A Meal to Remember Thanks to Boston Pizza Orleans

  1. Leslie

    Leslie here from Boston Pizza Orleans! Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog post. We are so happy to hear that you and your family had an experience to remember with us. Katie is an incredible server, and our Manager Rachel has been with us since we opened, and she runs the restaurant with grace and dignity.

    Happy to hear that we’ll be seeing you again! Best wishes for an excellent day!

    Leslie – Community Relations Coordinator, Boston Pizza Orleans

  2. Christine

    Wow! How cool is it that the Community Relations Coordinator for Boston Pizza Orleans commented on your blog post!?!?! 🙂

    Great post! My husband LOVES Boston Pizza!

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize that you have THREE 2 year olds!!! WOW! You are one Super Mama!

  3. Shari G

    We use to go to Boston Pizza a lot when dating, but since we got married, and had 3 boys we don’t go anywhere much! LOL Sounds like a great experience, and typical boston pizza great food great service!

  4. Rene

    We were just at BP last weekend – do you know that they have 3.99 kids meals on Sundays? No matter where you are, BP is always consistent. Great photos!

  5. Katrina Brady

    That sounds great! Love when you get good customer service especially when you have kids in tow. Sounds reasonably priced to me. Boston Pizza has good food. You get what you pay for and you did good 🙂

  6. Canadian Dad

    Seriously, I love BP! My family eats there a lot and they have a bunch of great options on the menu. The best part is the price for me. You could spend $30 at McDonald's or BK and not get anything close to BP for only $10 more.

  7. JL

    Great reading about the great customer service you got at Boston Pizza! Definitely makes us want to visit Boston Pizza in New Orleans for the experience as well!

    We aren't in New Orleans but one of our interns had a great experience at Boston Pizza in Toronto as well! Boston Pizza is definitely doing great on the customer service front regardless of location! Feel free to check out


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