Monday, July 16, 2012

What Happens When We Die and Other Questions?

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I’m not talking about what happens to us when we die. That would be morbid and this is Monday so happy, happy.

As I was enjoying my weekly “Get out of Jail for One Hour” break (I went to Laz House of course!), I got to thinking (never a good sign and safest when done in the shower).

What would happen to my blog?

  • Who would notify the winner? Or better yet, who would pick the winner?
  • What about my Alexa rating?
  • My multi-million dollar sponsors?
  • Would you think that I had abandoned you (I hope you know that I wouldn’t)?

And most importantly, where would you go to fill your daily quota of totally useless and mundane information of which my content is endless?

I started to feel verklempt. I was finding it difficult to drive through the pouring tears. The constant sweeping motion required to make my eyes useful was inhibiting my ability to drive. I was drowning in a puddle of salt water. I had to pull over.

Okay, seriously though, I was a bit concerned.

When I got home and shared my whoes with Ed, he set me straight. He assured me that all would continue on as it was without me.

I might as well just say good-bye now.

So I call myself “PR Friendly” and as far as I’m concerned that means that I don’t swear in writing on my blog. Swearing and using proper adult words for body parts are not the same thing. Right?

I’ll let you be the judge.

The Kids are two and a half. We must talk about body parts 5,420,912 times a day.

The other day, we were talking about female body parts and Artemis looked down at her chest, back up at me and then down again. I asked her what she was thinking and she said “Moles”.

Given her questionable genetics, yes, they might just end up as such. Poor girl.

The Kids like to categorize people based on their gender. In order to do that, you need to know what’s between a person’s legs. We’ve taught them the proper words and they like to use them all.the.time with everyone.they.see.

I might just have the World Record for: Number of Times in one day that a person has stated “Yes, Bob the Builder is a Boy”.

So, did I need to word things such that I didn’t use the proper names or should I just have come out and said “It”?

What do your Kids Say?

9 thoughts on “What Happens When We Die and Other Questions?

  1. mamawee

    I don’t see a problem with using the proper names at all….I would much rather see penis and vagina written down than read the various slang names or made up names that some parents use

  2. Christine

    I actually teach our 3 year old proper names for parts of the anatomy. I’ve written numerous blog posts about how every since she was 2, she’s been using the words “vagina” and “penis”. I’d much rather her use the proper words than “hoo-ha”, “vajayjay”, “wee wee”, “dinky”, or whatever. One of our friends taught her daughter that girls have a “cupcake” and boys have a “turtle”. Ummm…No thanks.

  3. Insane Mamacita

    My son knows the proper words too. And I wondered about the dying thing too. Which is why I have told dear DH where my passwords are so he can notify everyone of my passing, if it does occur.

  4. Paula Schuck

    I agree. Proper scientific names make total sense. Honestly some of the silly names we used to use as kids were just dumb. Like who did my mom think she was kidding calling a penis a Little man. Wth?


  5. Amy Lovell

    We use proper words here too! although I have a friend who calls it gina and dinky doo. LOL Def think proper words are better!


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