Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Broken Down Car Can’t Hold Back The Zoo


One of our van’s is called Bucephalus, the other is Bessie. Yes, we name our vans. But not our cars.


For those of you that don’t know, Bucephalus was Alexander the Great’s horse. He was super sleek and famous.

Just like our van.

When we began the first leg of this years summer vacation, we couldn’t have been more excited. Our enthusiasm was not dampened by the four-hour torrential downpour or the “Poltergeist-Like” activities of the door locks.

They would lock/unlock, or lock/lock/lock or unlock/lock/lock all by themselves. Seriously, it wasn’t me. In the end, we just figured that all the rain had caused a short circuit in the wiring.

The juries still out on that one.

With some MacGyvering (new verb?) we managed to successfully complete our first mission by picking up and stuffing fitting Uncle Andrew into the van. This was no small feat considering there were three adults, two kids, three dogs and a cat. Not to mention all our gear and you’ve heard all about that.

Since darkness was quickly approaching, and our second leg involved a two-hour drive North, we decided to fill up with gas and get on our way.

And that’s where the story begins or ends depending on whether you see the glass as…

Glass Half Full

Half Full or Half Empty?

After filling up, Ed couldn’t get the car to start. The battery wouldn’t charge. No problem, these things happen. And for just such an occasion, The Zoo carries a portable battery booster pack.

After a little bit of this and that, the van started but something was up with the “altinator charge” dial.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the dial right below the “thing-a-ma-jingie” dial and to the right of the “where-did-that-one-come-from-never-seen-it-before” dial.

Ours was in the Red. At Nine O’clock. Should have been at Midnight.

No matter how optimistic you are,

This was not good.

Ed figured that it was best to turn around and head the three kilometres back to Nanna’s house and he couldn’t have been more right because,

At the top of a small hill,
With Nanna’s house in view,
And only one stop sign to go…

The engine died,
On a Sunday,
Of a Long Weekend.

With the skill of a Great One, Ed managed to guide Bucephalus over the curb and onto Nanna’s front lawn.

And that’s where it stayed for two days. Until we could get a mechanic to replace the battery and altinator.

All was not lost as we learned a very important lesson. Never travel on a Saturday or Sunday, especially over a long weekend.

Except for this past weekend.

Truth be told, we didn’t learn a thing.

Ever Had A Broken Down Car?

10 thoughts on “A Broken Down Car Can’t Hold Back The Zoo

  1. Randa

    I apologize: I couldn’t stop giggling! Not at your misfortune but at the fact of when it rains it pours. Been there girl! I would like to think I’m
    Prepped for the worst but I’m not. My idea of prepped is a flashlight, OnStar and my smart phone. All re pretty useless. Haha

  2. Rene Beaubien

    Can’t imagine this and don’t wish it for myself, but impressed with Ed’s super ninja driving also need to take a photo the next time you have 2 kids (in large carseats), 3 adults, 3 dogs, a cat, and all your stuff in the van. Now THAT would be entertaining!

  3. Crafty Zoo

    First off, WHY not name your cars too! That’s just favoritism and we all know that favoritism is wrong! LOL. My van’s name is Mini and our truck is Bob Junior.
    As for the car trouble, I feel your pain. Mini will be out of the ‘hospital’ this week… Hopefully!
    Also, my car tip is always have roadside assistance-it’s worth it- and keep emergency stuff in your vehicle! (blankets in cold seasons, water, flashlights, jumper cables, etc)

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