Monday, August 6, 2012

Thought Our Last Weekly Drivel was Bad? This Weeks is Worse!

If you thought last months Journeys of The Zoo drivel was bad, this week’s is way worse. Get comfortable and

Bring on the Pepto!

  1. I dolled out The Liebster Award to 11 Memorable and Outstanding Blogs,
  2. Did you notice that I changed my banner and title layout? Do you like it? There’s no charge to comment around here…
  3. Max and Artemis have decided to use the washroom for most of their urinary requirements. They’re waking up with almost dry diapers at night. We’ve managed to schedule a “first thing in the morning pee”. Perhaps diapers are a thing of the past or have I spoken too soon…
  4. Yummy Pocket Moustache Necklace EtsyI received this leather “Moustache Necklace” in the mail from Yummy Pocket (a Canadian Company). Note the cute little red heart hanging off the end.It came in a pretty red bag and recycled paper with green frogs. I like recycling. And the best part, the stamp wasn’t stamped. Not that I’d reuse it because that probably isn’t allowed…

    Check out her Yummy Pocket Etsy Shop as she has some really cool iPad covers. Hello Commodore 64. Do you think they “tried” to make it rhyme?

  5. Emily from “The Crafty Bees” who designed my website and also kindly offered a giveaway right here at Journeys of The Zoo finished her design for the lucky winner, Ana and it’s a beauty!
  6. My kids always have to be colour coordinated right down to their hair clips. Yes, I’m one of those Mothers. They don’t have to be coordinated with each other, although that would be sweet. If there happens to be a picture of one of them wearing stripes and plaid or blue and green, call the Fashion Police and/or the appliance repair man. We’ve either been kidnapped by individuals with no fashion sense or the washing machine is broken.
  7. I found this website and it’s totally Momtastic Canada. While the act of viewing physical words (not their meaning) can’t convey a sense of feeling, if they could, you would be sensing that I feel so proud of this announcement, it’s like I discovered the site myself! But I didn’t.

5 thoughts on “Thought Our Last Weekly Drivel was Bad? This Weeks is Worse!

  1. Robin

    Hi and aren't you chipper today?! Yes, I do love your blog redesign. I've been reading in Google Reader, so I'm glad you alerted me or I'd never have seen it!

    Cute 'stache!

  2. Brandi Yee

    Still loving your blog design! 🙂 And what a cute mustache necklace hehe…I love that it came in recycled paper too. Fingers crossed on the toilet training…we're in the same boat…fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Rene

    That necklace is awesome – and of course wearing backwards, your kids are such trendsetters! Yay for peeing in the TOILET!


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