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Find the Best Shower Gifts with Bloomin’ Creative Baby

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It seems that everywhere I turn, someone I know is having a baby and I’m in need of a shower gift. Perhaps it’s something in the water.

Fortunately for The Zoo, we found Laurel and her Bloomin Creative Baby shop just in the nick of time. Funny thing is, her need for baby shower gifts was also the reason why she started her shop.

Laurel’s shop has a variety of different fabrics and products to choose from such as; teethers, snuggle blankets, bibs (for all occasions), feeding covers, soother savers, and breast pads. Something for everyone. She kindly sent me a teether, snuggle blanket and bib to try out.

Bloomin Creative Baby TeetherIt hasn’t been that long since the kids were babies and but I’d never seen a teether ring like this.

The ring contains six, 1″ natural wood balls enclosed in fabric and each tied off with a knot. The ends are double stitched for safety but the knots were so tight that I couldn’t get them undone.

The cleaning instructions suggest air dry after use and spot clean.

I don’t know about you but I am really picky with what my kids wear and put in their mouths. No need to worry with Bloomin’ Creative Baby products as everything is 100% cotton and adorable to boot!

Bloomin Creative Baby  Blanket
The second item we received was a snuggle tag blanket. The 12″x12″ blanket is made from soft washable cotton and flannel with three colour coordinated tags on each edge. The hedgehog design and woolly reversible underside go beautifully together. This is the softest fabric that I’ve ever felt! Being the caring soul she is, Artemis wanted this one for Teddy.

Bloomin Creative Baby BibLast but not least, we received a bib with a “Zoo” themed fabric. LOVE! It is 100% cotton, reversible (loved the other side too) and came with a snap closure (velcro is also available). The kids had so much fun identifying all the animals and were so excited to wear it. Bonus!

Laurel suggests that the bib will fit a baby up to one year, however, my guys will be three in December and it fit both of them.

The quality of sewing on all three items was impeccable. The stitching looked like it was made by a machine but the tag clearly states that they are “handmade with love by Laurel”.

To top it off, all three pieces only cost $35!

If you’re looking for all natural, affordable, quality and made with love products then stop by Bloomin Creative Baby and get the best. You can also connect with them via their Etsy Shop or Facebook.

Only the Best for Your Child with Bloomin’ Creative Baby!

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received products that enabled us to complete this review

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