Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tips on How To Avoid a Home Invasion

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday means two things; paper recycling and playgroup. Lucky for me, Uncle Eric noticed that we’d forgotten to put ours out and of course he offered to help. Without him, we’d be able to open up a recycling plant of our own.

While rushing out the door to playgroup, I threw the camera in my purse. First time ever. Just in case. I’m glad I did because I saw this at the side of the road…

If you see paper recycling on the side of the road then, you’re
One of the “good guys”.
If you see this, then you’re

One of the “other guys”.

Since I’m the one writing this post and I obviously saw the second picture in the first picture (does that make sense?) then allow me to blame it on Ed explain.

Before meeting Ed, I would have thought “oops, I forgot that today was recycling day” and proceeded on with forgetting something else. However, since meeting Ed, I’ve become much more aware of the optics of situations. And this recycling dump is a disaster waiting to happen.

Think of these four points to minimize your risk of getting robbed.

1. Opportunity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this home now has a brand new 47″ LED Flat Screen tv. Seeing as opportunity is half the battle, the bad guys have already won. Without this knowledge, they would never have known what was inside that house.

2. Twice as Likely. Did you know that once you’ve been robbed, you have an even higher chance of getting robbed again a few months later. The bad guys are thinking that they got away with your items once so why not a second time. I mean, you’re going to claim the loss with your insurance company and get an even bigger and better tv. This time, they know where everything is in your house and all the items will be new. Double Win!

3. Avoid. Save yourself the hassle of being robbed (twice?) by dismantling the box and ensuring that any pictures are not visible. Even better, do what you do with your credit cards and recycle the box on two separate days.

4. Don’t mention it. While your neighbours might be honest, they might make an innocent remark in front of a questionable bystander putting your home and family at risk. Be careful who you talk to.

I’m not trying to scare you because everyone has tv’s, computers and gadgets and they don’t get broken into even once let alone twice. However, opportunity and a visual notification are definitely key in setting yourself up to be robbed.

Have any Tips on how to Avoid a Home Invasion?

13 thoughts on “Tips on How To Avoid a Home Invasion

  1. Elizabeth FrugalMomEh

    I saw the TV rather than the good act of recycling, although not because I am a bad guy…just because I was taught that its just a BAD idea to leave boxes like that at the curb. Thanks for sharing, hopefully this will help people who just don't think like that!

  2. missjandme

    Our recycling guys wouldn't even pick that box up! It's bigger than they allow. Simply cutting that up and bundling it with the printed side hidden would keep the household safer AND ensure the box will actually get recycled. I think that so often we do these things because we're tired or in a hurry or just feeling lazy, without ever thinking of the potential consequences.

  3. Rene Beaubien

    This is so timely! Tomorrow is paper recycling at our house and we happen to be cleaning out the office. My husband made a comment tonight that hopefully nobody will case our house based on all the Nintendo, laptop and cellphone boxes that we are finally getting rid of. If any of you drive by my place and get ideas in your head, these boxes are many years old and you wouldn't want the

  4. Savy Green Saver

    I actually just turn the box inside out to recycle it. We recently got a pressure washer and I was forewarned by my hubs that I do not need to advertise that we just got a new one. So instead of waiting a week in between pickup's I broke the box down along the seem lines and re-assembled it inside out and flattened. I then made sure it would not re-open by placing the recycle boxes on top of

  5. Samorjj

    For big boxes like this (and especialy at Christmas time)I just flatten the boxes, load them in the car and drive the 5 minutes to the closest carbboard recycling bin. Voila, done. No need to tie up the boxes together. (Our recycling trucks are rather picky about this). We live int he country and even here there are drop bins at the local gas stations etc.. And bonus, no need to store them until pick up day.


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