Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Today started out with an early delivery from the UPS Guy. If he hadn’t come bearing tasty treats, I might have been upset that he woke me up. It wasn’t like he knocked at the door like any normal person but rather a little “rat-tat-tat”. It wasn’t until the third knock and a bunch of barking from Reina (who only barks at full moons, clouds and when people are at the door) to realize that he was even there. Anyone else get deliveries before 8am!?

If everyone had my problems.

Fortunately for the kids on my street, he did arrive because I hadn’t had a chance to buy any treats. Truth be told, they haven’t gone on sale yet.

Cheez Puffs Halloween Treats

Thanks CheeCha Puffs!

Okay, another truth. 

I wrote another Halloween post and it wasn’t this one.

In order to get ahead of things, I thought that I would write my Halloween post this morning, insert some pictures and then hit send before I went to bed.

I mean, The Zoo has been busy. Ed just got home from four days in Edmonton, It’s Halloween, I’m still catching up from ShesConnected, my “I Am Canadian” Feature for November with Life After My Kids is scheduled for today and the kids are in a constant state of busyness.

Originally, I’d written about how Max had this great dog costume and Artemis was the cutest Tigger ever and how the weather was great and we went down the road in our wagon.

You know what they say about good intentions…

In reality, at 4:15pm, I attempted for the first time to put Artemis in the dog costume but no amount of squishing was going to make it fit. I put her in the Tigger costume (it fit, barely) and then realized that I had to come up with another outfit, 45 minutes before we were set to leave.

To the basement I went.

I managed to piece together a princess outfit for Artemis and decided that Max would be Tigger. Except, Max had other plans.

Artemis Halloween 2012Artemis Halloween2 2012
He wanted to wear his raincoat (because, of course it was raining) so when no amount of threats coercion would work, we agreed that he would be a fireman. Except that he insisted upon wearing a too small winter hat and wouldn’t wear the fireman helmet or carry the hose that Ed made for him (14 minutes before we were scheduled to leave). Basically, he was just this kid with a yellow raincoat on.

Maximilian Halloween1 2012Maximilian Halloween2 2012
Thankfully, by the time we made it to the neighbours, he decided that being a fireman was okay and played the part. They had a ton of fun, gathered a bunch of loot and for the second year in a row ate chips, candies and chocolate for dinner.

Trick or Treat!

Ed and I ate candy too because I didn’t have any time to cook. I was too busy writing this post…

Be sure to check out our other Halloween Costume adventures from 2010 and 2011.

7 thoughts on “The Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012

  1. Shayna

    You didn't have time to cook 😉

    My little one decided at the last minute she wouldn't wear the adorable cat costume – that fit and that she had tried on with delight a few weeks before – because she just needed to be a princess. Luckily I had several princess dresses floating around……

  2. Brodie

    Hi, thank you for sharing your Halloween collections for kids and ideas! They are so cute and less scary. Can you have a little tutorial for the costumes you have shown to us? Thanks!


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