Monthly Archives: December 2012

Road Trip to Southern Mexico Thumbnail

The Zoo’s 5,000km Roadtrip to Southern Mexico

At this moment, The Zoo is on Day Four (and the final day) of our “Annual Roadtrip to Chiapas Mexico”. I have no problem documenting our journey before it happens because although some things are dynamic, some things never change.… «more»


Creative Ways to Get your Kids to Eat with Funbites

Every toddler goes through stages of not wanting to eat. Whether they are feeling under the weather, a little cranky, or asserting their independence. Regardless, no parent wants to battle with their children over food. That’s why Funbites is such… «more»

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Enjoy the Nutty Flavour of Almond Fresh

When I was at ShesConnected 2012, I learned a lot of things. One of them being, I love Almond Fresh beverages. Portability is just the thing I need to keep my sugars in check at a conference and their “Almond… «more»

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So Good Soy Milk is a Healthy Beverage Alternative

In my early twenties, I was a fake vegetarian. While I loved a glass of cold milk and knew of the important nutrients it contained, I wasn’t convinced that I needed all the “extras”, specifically, calories and fat. My beverage… «more»

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Baby Organic Joy: Shop Canada’s Online Organic Baby Store

Tiz the Season.People are busy stringing garland, decorating their Christmas Trees and stressing out trying to find the perfect present for that special someone. Can you relate? Journeys of The Zoo is excited to introduce you to a Canadian online… «more»