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So Good Soy Milk is a Healthy Beverage Alternative

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In my early twenties, I was a fake vegetarian. While I loved a glass of cold milk and knew of the important nutrients it contained, I wasn’t convinced that I needed all the “extras”, specifically, calories and fat.

My beverage of choice back then… So Good.

So Good is a Canadian company whose beverages are a delicious and healthy alternative to dairy milk. Fortified with 15 essential nutrients, a 250 mL serving of So Good contains as much calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 as a cup of dairy milk.

To this day, I’m still a fan for all the same reasons and some. The calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugars are all lower (compared to the 2% milk that we purchase). Thankfully I don’t have to worry about any of these numbers (yet) but I really enjoy the taste and find that it quenches my thirst. With only 8g of sugar per serving, I don’t feel like my sugars are spiking (I’m hypoglycemic) yet it tastes like a light-weight milkshake treat.

Original is my favourite flavour, but there are choices such as; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Original and No Sugar added. In addition, many flavours have low-fat and Omega DHA options. There really is something for everyone’s taste buds and/or requirements.

So Good Packaging

“Nothing else tastes So Good!”

So Good Fortified Soy Beverages display the Health CheckTM logo as they meet the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s established nutrient criteria. Being a label reader, I searched some of the ingredients that I didn’t recognize and learned that Tricalcium Phosphate occurs naturally in cow’s milk.

So Good Cake Recipe

So Good is not only useful as a beverage but also as a recipe substitute.

Uncle Eric had us over for a going away dinner/the kids birthday so I baked a cake. I decided to replace the milk with So Good and it came out as moist as ever.

Even Uncle Eric, the consummate sceptic couldn’t tell the difference!

So Good Soy Milk is a Healthy Beverage Alternative

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