Thursday, January 3, 2013

Customs, Protests, and Camping on our Roadtrip to Southern Mexico

Roadtrip to Southern Mexico

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Remember how I wrote a post about how this was the 13th time that we’ve completed our roadtrip to Southern Mexico and we could do it with our eyes closed…That was yesterday.

This is today.

Did I mention how unpredictable Mexico can be?

Before I tell you about what happened four and a half hours from our destination, I need to make a few corrections to the four days before that.

One. For the first time ever, we got asked for the paperwork for the animals. Not only that but the customs agent wanted to know the exact ingredients or their food and he wanted the original packaging… We never travel with much food as we were under the impression that you weren’t allowed to cross the border with any food at all, however, apparently the law is that the food can’t contain any “restricted foods” such as poultry, meat or eggs. We told him it was Iams and hoped for the best. He allowed us to proceed.

Two. For the first time ever, we didn’t get lost in Tampico. This allowed us to save 30 minutes off the trip.

This last point would have mattered had it not been for the “little incident” that occurred four and a half hours from our final destination…

A group of protesters (protesting what, we don’t know) had barricaded the highway. Their actions resulted in a 20-car pile up including three overturned tanker trucks.

Unfortunately, this was a toll highway. That means that there are no exit routes, washrooms, water/food or gas stations. Did I mention that it happened just outside Veracruz where it was 32 degrees in the shade. Air conditioning in the car would have come in handy especially when the mosquitos came out in full force. There is dengue in the area…

Fortunately, we had just filled up on gas, had plenty of food/water and Buchephalus didn’t overheat. The kids found visiting all the trucks and people on the highway to be quite an adventure. Needless to say, we were relieved that we were not involved in the original accident.

Other than the “little 10 hour delay that left us sleeping in our van in a gas station from midnight to 5:30am”, everything went according to plan.

 Until we needed to cash our travellers cheques…

3 thoughts on “Customs, Protests, and Camping on our Roadtrip to Southern Mexico

  1. Rene Beaubien

    OMG – I had wondered how the trip went. I guess you tempted fate by saying you never had any troubles. ;)Glad to hear you made it through the border OK, but ouch on the rest!


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