Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Neighbour “Mike” wants my new Brookstone Talking Meat Thermometer

Brookstone Talking Meat Thermometer

Journeys of The Zoo met up with Canadian Beef at ShesConnected and they suggested that we drop our business card in the draw for a fandangled Talking Thermometer valued at $120!Considering that I Am Nice, I wanted to help them out so I obliged and…

We Won!

Only problem, I’m not much of a cook. However, Ed loves to BBQ in the rain and snow LOVES gadgets! He loves them almost as much as our Neighbour.

Let me tell you a little story about our neighbour, *”Mike”…

Shortly after receiving said prize, Mike came over for a beverage. Being a nosy inquisitive type, he asked me what was in the box on the counter. When I showed him, he started to drool (literally), jumped up and down (literally) and asked me if he could have it (greedy little guy).

I explained to him that it was only right if I at least tried it out myself so that I could let the kind folks at Canadian Beef know what I thought about it.

He came up with a plan.

We were not to take anything out for dinner until further notice because we were going over to his place the next night for a BBQ Extraordinare.

Oh, and did I mind bringing over the thermometer.

When Mike tells you something, you listen.

That was three months ago.

With Neighbours like mine who needs… to Cook.

*Mike’s real name may actually be Mike.

Disclosure: The neighbours mentioned in this post may follow this blog.

Want to win a Talking Thermometer?

“Like” Canadian Beefs Facebook page (because you all know what you’ve been missing) and then Enter to win a Thermometer. Journeys of The Zoo is in no way involved in this contest. Contest ends February 25, 2013. Good Luck!

11 thoughts on “My Neighbour “Mike” wants my new Brookstone Talking Meat Thermometer

  1. Holly @ Woman Tribune

    My fiance was just recently talking about how he absolutely neeeeeds a good thermometer for grilling, and every time he messes up meat on the grill he blames it on the fact that he doesn’t have a thermometer. This one sounds awesome, and I hope Mike loves it!

  2. Christine McN

    What great neighbours! I have to say that I am in luuuuuuuuuuuv with our Talking Meat Thermometer! I use it quite often. I got mine as part of my Canadian Beef Ambassadorship. The reason we use it often? We own and operate a beef farm. LOL! Hubs loves his beef.

  3. "Mike"

    “Mike” here. Ed, Sarah and the Kids have been over for Dinner many times since this post. I’m still waiting on the meat thermometer…. Any Suggestions???

    PS – I don’t really understand whole blog thing, but this is some pretty interesting reading.


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