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milestone prints birth print-600

Custom Artwork is Milestone Prints Specialty

Every day is a gift. However, some days are more memorable than others. For me, that day would be December 11, 2009… the kids birthday. Milestone Prints, a Canadian company was established in August 2012 and has created countless custom… «more»

Weekly Drivel

Weekly Drivel: Parasites, Pigs Feet and Giveaways

There is so much that I have to tell you about The Zoo’s adventures. Partly due to #6 but also because I wanted to offer you something unique. So, I’m bringing back the “Weekly Drivel” and adding a Mexican touch.… «more»

begging hands

Humbled by Those Who Have Less but Give More

Here in Mexico, it’s not hard to have more than your neighbour, or anyone else for that matter.There is a great divide of wealth amongst the classes. We are considered upper class (except by the upper class) because we are… «more»