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A Case of Writers Block Perhaps?

It happens in the best of Families.To the best of Bloggers. And it’s been a monkey on my back for seven.long.days. I think I have a severe case of… Writer’s Block! Note: Proceed with caution as it may be contagious… «more»

Annual Roadtrip to Canada

And So Another 5,000km Road trip Begins…

All good things must come to an end. After 13 weeks, 1 day, the time has come for us to leave Mexico and return to Canada. By the time you’re reading this, we’ve begun Day 1 of our 5,000km roadtrip… «more»

Weekly Drivel from Mexico

If you’ve come here looking for Toilet Training tips or Hitchhiking routes from Mexico to Canada then you’ve come to the wrong blog.Okay, maybe not on the second point. If you’ve come to hear about puddles in the corner, Teddy’s… «more»

Good News, Bad News and Canadian Blog Award Winner

Back in October 2012, Journeys of The Zoo politely asked* that if you liked our blog and thought it was in the least bit funny, you would vote for us.In case you’re unaware, through some twist of fate, we’d been… «more»

An Episode of Candid Camera or A Great Deal?

This morning, we went for our daily trip to our local Fruit and Vegetable stand. On our list, bananas and cilantro. Unfortunately, “Our Girl” (as the kids call her), didn’t have any cilantro. No problem, we were going downtown and… «more»

Travel for Less with Wantizen Vacation Rental Services

Haggle. Negotiate. Dicker. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a part of the Mexican culture and The Zoo deals with it every time we open up our Bazar. However, maybe you’re not comfortable with offering someone less than what… «more»

Weekly Drivel from Mexico that Includes a Monkey

I’ll get right to the point.If you don’t want to read about Earthquakes, Spanglish, More Mexican Parties, Monkeys and the chance to win TONS of giveaways then no point in reading this weeks post. Don’t worry if you miss out,… «more»

I Am Canadian Logo-Thumbnail

Come Spinning at Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts (Canadian Feature)

Journeys of The Zoo’s I Am Canadian Feature for March is Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts. What a pleasure to find such unique and renewable products available locally. Please take a moment to read about Heather’s original company and inspiring initiatives… «more»