Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekly Drivel from Mexico that Includes a Monkey

I’ll get right to the point.If you don’t want to read about Earthquakes, Spanglish, More Mexican Parties, Monkeys and the chance to win TONS of giveaways then no point in reading this weeks post.

Don’t worry if you miss out, Monkey’s are a dime dozen.

Mexican Earthquake Graphic 1. On February 14, Ed felt an earthquake. The kids and I were out so we didn’t feel a thing. It’s not the first time we’ve had one. In fact, we usually have one or two each year. The last time, we were in the kitchen and the whole house started to sway. For the first few seconds, we didn’t know what it was and then we ran for the door. The houses in Mexico aren’t built like they’re supposed to be.

Note that I am aware this is a picture of a volcano or a picture of someone having a “bad hair” day. Have you ever tried to draw a picture of an earthquake?

2. We speak Spanish to the kids about 50% of the time whether we’re in Mexico or Canada. After two and a half months of complete immersion in the Spanish language, the kids have started to speak “Spanglish”. At least one word in each sentence is Spanish and they often give each other “commands” in Spanish. I’m often at a loss for what they’re saying as they’re now mispronouncing words in a foreign language!

3. This week, we went to another rocking party in celebration of a friends daughters baptism. As usual, Ed and I ate too much and paid for it later. On the flipside, the kids had the best time playing and dancing with their friends. Here’s a video of The Kids dancing with their “cousin” (primo in Spanish) called Diego.

And just to make sure that you know what Mexican parties are really like, we took this video after five hours (of a nine hour party). A bunch of the 150+ people had already left. Good times!

Note that you can not hear yourself think and the kids are slightly more hyper by this point as they have been eating candy for the past five hours.

And now for our feature piece of drivel…


The Monkey and The Giveaways.

Well, it’s not actually the Monkey that will be giving away the prizes (now that would be news worthy).
Max with a Monkey on his Back

4. Yesterday while we were returning from our run to the cheese shop (we needed to get there before it closed, we didn’t make it), we saw the most usual of events.

It was so common that it hardly caught our attention.

There was a rogue monkey swinging from the “electrical lines” on the main street.

Okay, I’m joking about the “commonness” of this event, however, not that it happened.

The neighbourhood had come out to watch (they’re always up for some gossip) and we saw a ton of people we knew. I was worried that the monkey would get electrocuted, however, apparently the wires he was swinging/chewing on were telephone lines (what do I know).

Thankfully, his owner finally came out to collect him from the roof and all was fine. Unless you’re the monkey I guess.

5. If you’ve read this far, then you win a prize. Well not exactly but you have the chance to once again, WIN tons of giveaways. Every Tuesday, Journeys of The Zoo opens up their Facebook Wall for people to post and enter giveaways. All are open to Canadians.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Drivel from Mexico that Includes a Monkey

  1. Mommy Had A Little Blog

    I seriously love your posts. I am laughing so hard at your descriptions of the rogue Monkey and all the hyped up children… Which I assume are much like the rogue Monkey, really 😉 Artemis looked like she was enjoying herself so much with her new friend!

  2. Juggling Real Food and Real Life

    I love the Spanglish story. It reminds me of my kids under the Dora influence. They were running around speaking Spanish and my husband and I had no idea what they were saying. It was pretty hilarious until my son was hollering for help in Spanish behind the couch and we just thought he was goofing around. Proud Momma Momment for sure.


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