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Chewelry Chew Toy for Kids Addresses Chewing and Fidget Issues

KidCompanion Chewelry LogoArtemis has always put things in her mouth.

If I was referring to her thumb or soother, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Unfortunately, I’m talking about leaded balls and peso coins (oops, did I forget to mention that?)

Perhaps it’s because she was a preemie or bottle-fed (I pumped).

Whatever the reason, I was eager to try KidCompanions “Chewelry” product and see if,

A Chewelry a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

KidCompanions Chewelry was designed by Pierrette d’Entremont, a jeweller and Accredited Jewelry Professional. The product was initially designed with her daughter in mind, however, it’s also intended for adults.

Both Pierrette and her middle child have Tourette Syndrome and share some associated conditions like sensory issues, anxiety challenges and ASD traits. Her daughter was also born prematurely at 30-weeks gestation.

The product is made and assembled in Canada in a medical grade clean room facility. They are CE marked, sourced in North America and BPA, phthalate, lead, pcv and latex free.

Artemis Wearing Pink Heart Chewelry With two shapes to choose from and tons of colours, I chose correctly in selecting a pink, heart shaped one for Artemis.

She loves it and often wears her multi-purpose “jewelry” around her neck. Especially if it colour coordinates.

Whenever I find her putting something else in her mouth, I remind her to use her “chew toy” and she starts chomping on it right away.

It was temporarily misplaced and I noticed that she chewed on other things more often (or maybe I just noticed more). I was equally stressed as I really feel like this product is a healthier and safer way for her to deal with her chewing issues. Having it be wash and wear also makes my life easier.

Blue Circle Chewelry As for Max, he took a couple of chews and went back to playing with his trains.

You can see his tiny teeth impressions in the picture.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, more that he was busy and doesn’t have the same chewing issues as Artemis.

After reading an article on their blog about Who Can Benefit from Using KidCompanions Chewelry? I’m going to reintroduce it to him this week in the hopes that it can help with his transition away from his soother.

Note that the product is not recommended for individuals under three years.

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96 thoughts on “Chewelry Chew Toy for Kids Addresses Chewing and Fidget Issues

  1. Carey Hurst

    The HeartStringsBaby Companion , circle in the blue on blue design.. Matches my little guys eyes .. They are so cool. What a neat concept

  2. WhatJeanLikes

    Thank you for sharing this!! My bestie’s daughter has chewing issues and she could use this!!

    Thanks for commenting on What Jean Likes. Just getting back to everyone who commented now!! I’m following you via GFC and Networked Blogs

    Have a lovely week!


    Jean // What Jean Likes

  3. Marion Scharf

    I really like the Black Heart 18″ Undyed. My little guy is always putting things in his mouth and it would be great to have something that he could keep with him that is safe for him to chew on.

  4. Claudette Lariviere

    I would pick the blue heart clip on, for my wonderful little grandson Mason. He is our first grandchild and he has his fingers in his mouth all the time so this would be and awesome substitute for the fingers

  5. Lisa Rodrigues

    I like the pink undyed Heart for my daughter Nykole. she is 7yrs old and has a global developmental delay and loves to chew on her clothing and jewlery that I now no longer put the jewlery on her and have to choose clothing that does not have buttons, glitter ect. It would be great to have something that is safe for her to chew on.

  6. cindy webster

    Wow this is great I have an little one that has Bi-Cortical dysplasia one of the issues is relaxed mouth that causes non stop drooling and speech problems. For mouth exercises she must clamp down on special items to improve her jaw. With this she would be doing it all day long which would add so much more to her prognosis.

  7. Valerie Larson

    the circle and i wouldn’t care what color. this is just what we need. our 4 year old keeps putting his amber necklace in his mouth. tried to give him teething links but this would be even better.


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