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Kids Get Clean and Have Fun with Pampers Kandoo

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Cleanliness is an important concept to teach our children. Seeing as The Zoo has two potty training toddlers, good old-fashioned hand washing is a regular theme around here.That’s why we were pleased to add some Pampers Kandoo products to our hygiene regimen. The bonus, you have the chance to win some for yourself below.

Be Clean and Have Fun with Pampers Kandoo Products!

Pampers Kandoo Line of Kid Friendly products includes; Handsoap, Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Sanitizer. All are specifically designed to help children get clean on their own.

They’re made with natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and hair and mild formulas with no sulfates, parabens or phthalates.

The pumps have great scents that make kids want to get clean and the Unique bottles are designed to be fun and easy to use.

Since the kids were born, The Zoo has been using Pampers products. We believe that the brand works hard to support their customers by providing quality, well-tested products with the added bonus of fun.

Did you know that their website provides great tips and ideas for keeping our kids clean, as well as printables like progress charts and colouring pages to keep them engaged? If you’re anything like me, you can use all the help you can get!

The first item was reviewed was the Magic Melon Foaming Hand Soap and it was a big hit with the kids and me.

Max loved the smell and that it was bright green.

I liked how the colouring helped me to ensure that soap was getting into all those nooks and crannies.

The fact that the bottle is shaped like a frog just adds to the fun!

The other item we reviewed was the Flushable Kandoo wipes. We are hesitant to flush anything other than the “basics” (i.e. organic materials) down the toilet as we are on a septic system. Normally, we have to research the products compatibility and it’s a real hassle. It was nice to see that the packaging specified “septic-safe”.

They were moistened with lotion which made them soft to the touch. I can see these being a great transition between regular wipes and toilet paper. I plan on using them as a reward for a successful bathroom visit. The stories they’ll tell…

Sidney Trying out Pampers Kandoo Hand Soap
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  1. Bonnie Way

    I’ll be using them – on my three daughters, probably! 🙂 Actually, my oldest is really good about washing her hands (and loves using hand sanitizer) so she’d love these products. Thanks!


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