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Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and Animal Rescue

Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, located in Ottawa, Ontario, is a privately run zoo and animal rescue.

Little Ray’s runs the largest and most diverse animal education and outreach program in Canada.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and you love creatures of all kinds, you really need to check them out!

Little Ray’s offers:

  • A fun and educational Reptile Zoo (complete with “feeding shows”). On exhibit right now through April 25th “Nature’s Ninja’s”.
  • Birthday Parties ~ At the Zoo or at home
  • School Shows
  • Radical Science Workshops
  • Traveling Shows ~ Don’t live in the Ottawa area? Keep your eyes peeled ~ Coming soon to Moncton, NB and Hamilton, ON
  • You can also see one of Little Ray’s exhibits at a satellite location near you (see website for details).

In her review, Sandi from Canadian Blog House writes;

I love Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo. I have visited their Ottawa location four times in the last year or so. My boyfriend introduced me to Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo for the first time when we took his son there to see all the critters and creatures. I always have a great time checking out the animals at the zoo.

Winky One-eyed African Bull Frog During our most recent visit in March, we got to see alligators and “Winky” the one-eyed African Bull Frog being fed. We even got to check out a pair of Lynx and a pair of Bald Eagles that had recently been taken in by the zoo.

That’s something I love about Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo ~ you just never know what you are going to see during your next visit to the zoo!

My most memorable visit to Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo? That was the time that I actually held a tarantula (EEK!) in my hand. As someone who is terrified of spiders, I was proud of myself for facing one of my biggest fears. You know what? I have to say…that tarantula was kind of…GULP…cute!

Iguana at Little Rays
Next time you are at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, be sure to say hello to Paul if he is there. He’s super friendly and can answer any questions you may have about the animals in his care.

Tell him that Sandy from Canadian Blog House sent you!

Journeys of The Zoo did not receive compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

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