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Make Your Kids Birthday Party Special with Unique Loot Bags

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When I was a kid, a party wasn’t a party without loot bags filled with comic books, popeye cigarettes, jaw breakers and a plethora of other sweets.

To say that things have changed since then would be an understatement.

Nowadays, Parents want to educate and inspire. Teeth rotting sugar highs need not apply. In high demand…

Unique and Creative Loot Bags from The Loot Bag Lady!

Like many Moms, I’m busy so the kids first and second birthdays came and went without a big To-Do.

Yes, this is their third birthday in the past 12 months.

Loot Bag Lady Five Gifts
We were fortunate enough to review five loot bags from Kathy. Her task was to provide us with creations that would be appropriate for kids aged; 2-months, 2.5 years and 3.5 years old. With names like; Princess Poppy, Nelly Nature, Crafty Corner, and Baby Bathtime, we knew that we were on the right track. Before we blow out the candles, let me introduce you to Kathy, the lady herself.

I started out by creating gifts to give to others. My friends and family really liked what they saw so they began to ask me to create loot bags for them. The natural progression was to take the next step and evolve into the loot bag lady.

I am also a teacher who has worked for ten years with hundreds of kids. I recognize what kids find fun. The loot bags that I make emphasize play, discovery and creativity.

Each of the loot buckets was wrapped in a clear cellophane and overflowing with age appropriate items.

Array of Loot Bag ItemsEverything from playdoh to jewellery to stickers to stamps and notepads. To name a few.

Did I mention finger puppets and gardening gloves!

Many of the items I’d never seen before like the little canvas and easel. Really creative.

The themes were very obvious, even for thee-year olds and the attention to detail was incredible.

One testimonial I saw on Kathy’s website praised the “aesthetic details down to the ribbons” and I couldn’t agree more. From the raffia wrapped around the garden pot to the little pom-poms as fillers, the adults and kids were surprized at every bag.

A lot of the “waste” such as tissue paper, pom-poms and cellophane wrap was put in the craft drawer for reuse.

Some of the items were from the dollar store, however, Kathy didn’t try and hide that fact, instead, she just put a cute sticker over the price and called it a day.

The video is a bit shaky and all over the place. Unfortunately, The Kids didn’t follow the detailed script that we had prepared 😉

Maxs Birthday Party I know that educational kids toys can start at $30. If birthday parties work like weddings, I don’t think it’s too much for hosts to offer kids $10 loot bags.

Especially when it appears that they’re worth that.

In my opinion, real value for your money.

And I haven’t even taken into account the fact that with all the details surrounding a big party, it’s one less thing that this Mom has to worry about.

The Loot Bag Lady has just revamped her website and posted all her loot bags. There are 20 in all to choose from.

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