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Summer Vacation at Taylor Statten Camps in Algonquin Park

View of Canoe Lake In three short days, Summer will be here again!

Remember last year how we told you about our Summer Vacation at The Farm and mentioned a Part Two?

Well, in honour of all things ten months late, I thought that I’d tell you about the second half of Summer 2012 at…

The Taylor Statten Camps on Canoe Lake.

Since the early 1970’s, my Family has been spending five memorable days at The Taylor Statten Camps on the shores of Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. Journeys of The Zoo has been going since 2001.

September Camp’s name is misleading because it actually starts the day after the summer campers leave in August and ends ten days later on Labour Day. The diehards (and there are many), usually start preparing for next years September Camp before they’ve even unpacked their bags!? Besides a case of Geriatrics, what makes it so special?

The Zoo Family

A chance to reminisce and create new memories.

This will be The Kids fourth year at September Camp. They’ll be 3.5 years old. I have pictures of them in 2010 taking their first bites of food in the Dining Hall.

During this time, three Zoo generations come together to enjoy the beauty of the park, learn about traditions and how to live with and be respectful of nature.

Many of my parents and my old camp friends attend, now with their families.

I was a camper there from 1981 until 1986. Then I took five years off to pursue my skiing career.

The day after I decided to quit skiing, I called the Camp and was enrolled in my first of six years as a staff member. My final year, I was the counsellor for five 15-17 year old girls on a 36-day canoe trip throughout Quetico Park. No phones, no washrooms, two food drops and only the clothes on our backs. One of the defining experiences of my life.

The activities are top notch.

Max's Collage of Activities

If you like Horseback riding with trails, Tennis, Sailing, Windsurfing, Fishing, Kayaking, Swimming, Canoeing, High Ropes, Archery, or Hikes, then you’ll enjoy some of the camp activities. Yes, there’s even more to do such as Pilates, Frisbee Golf, or The Zoo’s favourite activity… Nothing.

Well, unless napping, getting caught up with old friends and watching the loons swim by count as something.

Except Max who managed to do all these activities and without even changing his clothes!

Note that this is one of many ongoing jokes. Just ask Rod’s wife.

An abundance of kife, wildlife, campfires, marshmallows, sing-songs, and camaraderie make up for the lack of running water, electricity, heating, and toilets. It really is an opportunity to get away from it all. Well that was until they installed cell towers and high-speed wireless internet…

Campfire at Night

They have a Kids Program.

September Camp 2012 Collage They have a Full-day Kid’s Program that allows the parents to enjoy the activities while their kids do as well. Kids under three-year can participate (but need to be accompanied by their parents) and Maximilian and Artemis had a great time. Many of the activities were centred around the sand and water so they had a blast.

Note that the first picture is of our cabin overhanging Canoe Lake and nestled in the rock. So much so that one of the walls is rock. It’s claim to fame is that Pierre Trudeau lived there one summer when we was a camp counsellor.

Create Summer Memories as a Family at
The Taylor Statten Camps.

Taylor Statten Camps Logo

9 thoughts on “Summer Vacation at Taylor Statten Camps in Algonquin Park

  1. Shari G

    We never camped there ourselves, but we went and visited and it’s a beautiful park! So many things to do. I would love to tour this great country of ours and showing our boys.

    Thanks for linking up, you can link up again!

  2. AlwaysARedhead

    There is a good chance we will paddle by when you are camping. I love Algonquin. Using a box for a toilet, is far outweighed by the beauty of the park.

    I can relate to Max, wearing the same clothes for all activities. We bring as little as possible clotheswise, because if it is all five of us, we already have more than enough gear to carry.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I really enjoyed this post, almost makes me wish I could go too 🙂 It is marvellous when families can meet up in places like this, to not only appreciate nature but to enjoy a break from today’s hectic life style and enjoy each others company.


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