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Meet Wild Animals at Canada’s African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari Entrance Sign

It’s been many years since I set eyes on a Lions tonsils or the “presents” that the monkeys left on our car hood, however, I remember our visit and their catchy jingle like it was only yesterday.

Even after all those years, it was a favourite attraction of mine and now The Kids love it too. I’m referring to…

Canada’s Original Safari Adventure: African Lion Safari!

Located in Cambridge, Ontario, African Lion Safari covers 620 acres and highlights 1,000 animals, representing over 100 species of mammals and birds. Seeing as we were vacationing at The Farm near Blue Mountain, it was a less than two hour drive and well worth the trip!

Opened in 1969, the park has worked toward the conservation and preservation of many endangered and threatened species. In 2001, they welcomed their first cheetah cub and by 2011, they had welcomed their 40th.

First on our itinerary was the Bus Tour. The park appeared to be very large and the animals were active and alert. We got to watch the Lions/Lionesses playing and everyone definitely acted like they owned the park walking right out in the middle of the road with not even looking!

African Lion Safari Bus Tour

Something that I learned was that many of the animals go inside to sleep at night. Since so many of them are nocturnal, they don’t want them getting out while no one is watching. Speaking of which, ranger trucks (painted to look like Zebras!) were everywhere.

The Kids enjoyed their birds eye view and we got to learn the names, sexes and history of almost every animal. Andrea, our tour guide was even able to spot some off in the brush that others were just passing by. While we didn’t have a chance to tune into their dedicated radio channel (neat!), there’s no way that they could have provided us with the same detailed information. If my pass had enabled me to and I’d had the time, I would have done it a second time. Even though it was an additional $4.95 on top of the general admission price, it was worth every single penny!

African Lion Safari Food

The park has a definite family feel to it with picnic tables that you could sit and eat your own lunch or purchase a variety of fast foods (with wrap and salad options) at the Mombasa Market restaurant. We were fortunate enough to enjoy a pizza meal and for $35, there was enough food to feed three adults, two kids and take a slice of pizza with us to go. The Kids loved the fact that they got lunch boxes with a special treat inside (animal cookies) to take with them.

The Kids enjoyed watching the elephants swim, the train ride, boat tour and an endangered bird performance. Once Max and Artemis found the jungle gyms and water park we didn’t get a chance to go to the petting zoo or ride the elephants, amongst other things. Besides, Artemis wasn’t interested as she wanted to ride a giraffe. While the park stays open for another two hours, the safari gates were closed and we didn’t get a chance to go through again in our own vehicle. Oh well, next time.

African Lion Safari Events

Overall, we loved this great opportunity to spend time with Family and learn about endangered species. The Kids haven’t stopped talking about our visit and they even got to take home a souvenir, an Official Guide Book containing tons of additional information and beautiful pictures. Speaking of which, they had a great gift shop with tons of unique items such as wooden walking sticks with painted carved heads.

The park will stay open until October 14, 2013 so there is still tons of time to add African Lion Safari to your families annual list of “Must Attend Attractions”! I know that we’ll be back next year! Are you singing what I’m singing…

Have you Ever Been to African Lion Safari?

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Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo was provided with general admission passes, bus tour tickets and food for the family that enabled us to complete this review.

22 thoughts on “Meet Wild Animals at Canada’s African Lion Safari

  1. Brandy

    What an amazing experience! I have never been before. Would be a great opportunity for my kids to see animals they don’t get to ever see.

  2. Henrietta

    I went here 2 or 3 times as a kid and before my dad passed, he took our family in 2001, my daughtrr was just a baby but my son still remembers the monkeys climbing on the car! I love this place and hope to go back again someday!

  3. julie g

    I would have to say that the climbing monkeys on the car is what makes this a unique experience better than most zoos.

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    this must be a wonderful place to take children, so many animals they would otherwise only ever see in books. It’s quite different when they see an actual elephant or tiger.

  5. Paula Huie

    We took the toddler this year he was so excited to see all the animals! We went a bit late in the year when the splash pad was closed but we had lots of fun anyway!

  6. Laurie P

    haven’t been since I was a young kid. I think anyone who has gone here, has a story about the monkey’s leaving “gifts” lol

  7. Elva Roberts

    Thank you for your post on this very interesting animal park. I did not even know of its existence. I would certainly go to this Zoo if I ever had a chance. Thank you for telling us about it.

  8. kathy downey

    Yes Sarah,its a shame that some humans have no respect for our amazing wildlife and I can understand their reason for trying to save a species.


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