Thursday, August 22, 2013

Link Up to The Zoo’s Weekly Bloglovin Hop up to August 28

Thursday BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo
This week has been busy. And I thought that things were supposed to slow down over the summer. Ha!Here’s a taste of what went on:

And if that wasn’t enough, today is the…


BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo!


1. Don’t have a BlogLovin account?

Check out these step-by-step instructions by Fabulous Blogging and find out what the buzz is about.

2. Want to Co-Host?

Interested in co-hosting? Please leave a comment expressing your interest. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

3. Just one Rule.

In the “URL” field, please put a link to your direct BlogLovin profile. Mine is:

4. I Follow Back.

I follow back. In order for this to be successful, I hope that you will follow others too.

5. Please Spread The Word.


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