Thursday, August 15, 2013

Get Inspired by Wholly Guacamole Products

The Kids eat almost everything; caviar, eggs, vegetables and especially avocados. In fact, we eat avocados almost every day.

The funny part, we eat more Mexican avocados in Canada then in Mexico where they’re grown!

For a while now, I’ve heard people raving about The Wholly Guacamole® products; guacamole, salsa and now…

100 Calorie Minis for Families on the Go!

Did I mention that they’re all natural, no preservatives, gluten free and kosher and that you could WIN a lunch box full of guacalicious products and a gift card for $100!

Step 1: Get Inspired.

Stop by for some great “One Lunch, Two Ways” inspiration and videos to break out of the boring lunch mode.

Save yourself time and money by creating two completely different lunches with most of the same ingredients!

Be sure to print out the shopping list for your favourites.

Step 2: Print the Coupon. Available on their website is a $1.00 off coupon for any Wholly Guacamole or Wholly Salsa Product. This will save you money for Step 3…

Step 3: Enter the Contest. Use Wholly Guacamole minis and capture a picture of your creativity. The best lunches will win a lunch box full of guacalicious products and a gift card for $100!

Note that you can complete one or all of the above steps in any particular order. Three winners are chosen weekly through September 27 (which happens to be Uncle Andrew’s birthday).

For complete contest details and rules, visit

Note that Canadians are NOT eligible to win. I wouldn’t normally post giveaways that aren’t open to Canadians but I’d already written the post before I found out.

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Ever Tried Wholly Guacamole Products?

Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

Besos, The Zoo

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