Saturday, October 12, 2013

Win over $80 in Coupons and an FPC

coupon-giveaway-october2013Do you have a Hobby?

I could look up the exact definition of the word but I’m pretty sure that scouring through magazines while waiting for appointments and then removing the coupons counts as a hobby. If not, what if I also make my kids do it?

P.S. I apologize to all of you that were reading a magazine and desperate to know what the article said about what to do after your kid puts a bead up their nose but the rest of the article was missing. My dedication to you knows no bounds so I wrote about that too. Bottom line…

Canadians Love Coupon Giveaways!

Up for grabs this month are over $80 in coupons from brands such as; OPI, Dove, Rubbermaid, Pedigree, Arby’s, Fisher Price, Astro, Whiskas, Arm and Hammer, Kraft, Almond Fresh and Dempsters. And that’s not even the half of it. There’s a bunch of “Buy One” offers and of course an FPC for a FREE Gay Lea Spreadables Butter!

Journeys of The Zoo did not receive compensation in exchange for sharing about any of these companies.

Besos, The Zoo

101 thoughts on “Win over $80 in Coupons and an FPC

  1. Kim Barrett

    I follow all sorts of blogs, mommies, daddies, product reviewers, DIYers, crafters, catty celebrity mockers…I like honesty, humour and pictures. (I love “The Zoo”!)

  2. Laurie P

    I follow blogs, mostly on baby stuff, product reviews, recipes, DYI’s….great reading with my morning coffee!

  3. Christy Martin

    I like product reviews and experience reviews (day to day life). I read all kinds of content from kids, beauty, business, marketing, health/medical.

  4. Monique L. S.

    I follow a lot of blogs. Most have something to do with being a mom, family recipes and fun things to do with kids etc.

  5. Autumn Reid

    Yes, I follow many blogs! I like reading content about saving money, budgeting, contests, pets, and decorating ideas.

  6. Brandee

    I follow too many blogs!!! 🙂 I love Giveaway blogs like this one, healthy mommy blogs like inked in colour and ohdeardrea, home blogs like Manhattan Nest. Quite an array in my bloglovin feed!!

  7. HEIDI C.

    I follow lots of blogs – mainly “mommy” ones and enjoy all kinds of posts – parenting, finances, recipes, contests :)!

  8. Debbie W

    I follow many blog and like reading product reviews. I find this is the only way you get an honest opinion about something.

  9. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-parr

    I follow many blogs but for different reason. Some I follow for gluten free ,contest, kids, coupons just to name a few!

  10. Julie G.

    I follow a bunch of blogs – I like the product reviews. I feel it is a more honest approach to finding out if a product is a winner.

  11. Margaret Hirst

    Not really interested in blogs…I like following news feeds and websites but not their ramblings in a blog

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  13. Megan Bailey Barnecutt

    I do follow quite a few blogs. I am drawn to blogs about crafting/DIY, family/parenting advice/ideas & tips, cooking blogs & fashion/beauty blogs. Yikes! That’s a lot of blogs actually… no wonder I never have any spare time, lol!

  14. Sherry k

    I follow a lot more during the winter when I have more time, but like blogs about new products, kids, contests.

  15. Pauline Milner

    I follow an abundance of blogs everyday. I like ones that offer practical advice about everyday issues, great recipes, decorating ideas and shopping suggestions. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  16. Darlene Schuller

    I follow blogs for recipes/coupons/tips/diy and giveaways of course. One of the blogs I follow has a quote section that I just love… just wish she’d add more!


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