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CAA Lifeside Assistance Logox200

Be Prepared for Winter with CAA Roadside Assistance Services

Imagine… It’s -15 degrees out and you’ve locked your keys in the car. Your car has broken down in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. You’ve been in a minor accident. How do these common winter occurrences make you feel? Panicked? Fortunate? Hopefully… «more»

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Weekly BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo, WW, 12/05

Because I know that you were wondering what we did all day, check this out… And if that isn’t exciting enough, perhaps you’d like a warning refresher course on what it’s like to have young kids. Five hours people. FIVE… «more»

Delivering Gifts to House of Lazarus1 2013

Santas Elves Giving Toys to Those in Need

Today, Santa Elves (a.k.a Max and Artemis) took three bags of toys to House of Lazarus. Watch for an upcoming post about all the great companies that participated in our Charity Gift Guide and got into the Holiday spirit by… «more»

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WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 12/03

There’s only four weeks until Christmas (make that 4 weeks and 1 day because we all know how important that one day is)! Are all your presents wrapped and hidden in the back of the closet? That’s what I thought.… «more»

child takes forever to get ready

If You’re a Parent Then You Can Relate To This

Uncle Eric stopped by this morning. He doesn’t need an excuse but he happened to bring in the mail.As usual, I invited him in and offered to make him a coffee. Truth be told, I hadn’t had my daily fix… «more»

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words at Posterjack

Ever since I found Madge* in the closet, I’ve been taking pictures non-stop. It’s contagious because since getting their own camera, The Kids have been taking pictures too. Every day, we look through all our pictures on the computer and… «more»

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Weekly BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo, WW, 11/28

This BlogLovin Hop was first started on that fateful day in April 2013. A lot has changed during this time. I’ve lost all of my followers only to gain many back. Moved from Blogger to WordPress so GFC would have… «more»