Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Non-Traditional Christmas Holiday Tradition

Christmas TreeA friend recently told me that she leaves her outside Christmas tree lights on all year long. And it got me to thinking about how absolutely normal she is.

I mean, I didn’t think that anything could beat the weirdness factor after my Nanna Betty made me the “IT” two Christmases in a row. But then I was reminded about that time that I…

Had my Christmas tree up for 3.5 years.

Yes, you read that correctly 3.5 years, continuously, set-up, in the corner of the living room with lights and all the fixins.

Before you go calling me the “Crazy Lady with the Cat and the Christmas Tree” you’re too late.

Seriously, 3.5 years isn’t THAT long.

I mean, what’s 3.5 years in the life of a tree. Assuming they live to be 100 (and some live way longer), that’s like 3.5% of their entire life in my living room. And it it’s an artificial tree (like the one I had), that’s like .035% of its life because I’m pretty sure that plastic lives for around 1,000 years or something. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Besides, she was a beauty, all 6.5 feet of her. I bought 10 strands of double length lights and didn’t scrimp on the tinsel, ornaments or bows. She was fully loaded. Not a pine needle was out of place and the Pier 1 Star on the top really made her stand out. And not because she was the only tree in the city neighbourhood.

I have to admit that it was a bit weird that my neighbours would come over every few months and we’d sing Christmas carols.

I always thought something was a little off with them.

The funny thing is, since I took the tree down in May 2003, I’ve never put it back up… in my living room.

It’s currently set-up in our school portable. Where it’s been for almost six years.

Okay, that I admit is weird.

Not everyone has a portable (or two) on their property.

Have Any Non-Traditional Christmas Holiday Traditions?

40 thoughts on “Our Non-Traditional Christmas Holiday Tradition

  1. Rene

    You should get one for your dashboard too so you can sing carols on your journey South! And on your way to camp… 😉

  2. loriag

    How fun. I know of others who leave their Christmas tree up all year. I know of people who leave their nativity sets up all year. It is beautiful so why not enjoy it all you want.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I am definitely not going to let my daughter-in-law read this post! She is such a Christmas fanatic and she’d then see the possibility of leaving everything full of Christmas decorations all year round. 🙂 It would drive my son nuts!

  4. Lynda

    I love it…I still have a mistletoe up from almost 4 years now, plus I have a small table with a plastic Christmas table cloth on it that’s been there for 2 years and now I have been using tinsel garland to use as tie backs on my curtains and they have been there for 1 year…so no your not weird or strange in any way…Have a very Merry Christmas…:)

  5. Brenda

    I think you could have hung other things on the christmas tree, nevertheless its not a crime to have a plant sitting around.

  6. Tooth Fairy

    I know someone who might wish it was Christmas all year long! Loves the lights and decorations…it all started with a childhood Christmas gift of old skool ” Lite Brite ” set. The rest is history! LOL

  7. jenny nicole

    WOW! That’s crazy! I usually have it up from beginning of December to end of Jan… I thought that was too long.. but nope! LOL THat’s really cool though. I love Christmas so much I thought about doing that but then I thought that when it is Christmas, it wouldn’t feel AS special to me…

  8. Nena Sinclair

    Lol, that’s cool! There’s a town in Michigan called Christmas, you should check it out if you ever get the chance!

  9. Debbie S.

    I have a Christmas ornament hanging in my kitchen that was a gift someone brought me back from Disneyland! Occasionally someone will comment, “You do realize that’s a Christmas ornament!” I always reply yes, but I love it, and it stays! I love it , you do this with your Christmas tree! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone was as giving and kind hearted year round as they are at Christmas time!
    And with that, I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry christmas!

    1. admin

      Dear Debbie,

      I can’t believe that you get razzed about an ornament. I’m not inviting your friends over to my place 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

      Besos, Sarah

  10. ginette4

    I would love to keep mine up always but we always get a real tree, I do keep it as long as I can, put it up 2 weeks before Christmas and keep it till the 2nd week of January,,lets see a pic!!!

  11. donna makayak

    my family too leave up our christmas lights year round and every year come october we light them up we love the holidays.

  12. nathaniah

    How cool!! We don’t have any non traditional holiday traditions actually, pretty basic…tree goes up right after Remembrance Day, down on New Years lol.

  13. Silvia D

    we traditionally take the tree and decorations down around New Years and my hubby started this annual tradition that after all was put away he would give a prize to anyone who found the “last’ forgotten,hidden ornament/decoration in the house…Kids love it!He ‘awards’ the prize the following holiday season to who found the last item! this year was to our daughter who ‘found’ a nutcracker ornament fallen behind computer desk…found it in the summer!

  14. lemon_Cupid

    um, okay… that’s a little different… and, yes… CRAZY! But you own it, you know it – and that’s okay too!

  15. kristen visser

    haha omg that would totally be me!! if i could live in a world where it was christmas spirit everyday..without the gifts and such but with the music, tree, lights, food and family i would totally be in! and i would definitely keep a tree up all year round. kinda feels like your bringing the outside in kinda 😉

  16. Elva Roberts

    i wish I could say that we have some really cool Christmas traditions that are unusual but I’m afraid that we are boring and normal(I’m not sure about the normal part). We put up a tree -artificial the last few years that some of the grandchildren are not happy about, but they didn’t have to water it every day or worry about fire or dragging it out of the house with needles everywhere.
    i still bake Christmas fruit cakes and Scotch cookies and have turkey for dinner. For years, I made scads of snowmen, rich dough cut out to look like snowman, then iced and decorated with sliced gumdrops. I still make some because some of the traditionalists think it isn’t Christmas without them. I must admit they are delicious.
    So I think we will probably muddle along and enjoy Christmas in a boring and enjoyable way.


    One year I had my tree up for 6 months, everyone that came over gave me a hard time about it. I thought it was beautifully decorated and stood as an art piece. Having your tree up for a mere week or two seems silly to me

  18. Amy Lovell

    I dread putting up and taking down the tree yearky , but my place is small so I have too! I totally would leave mine up if I could too!


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