Monday, December 9, 2013

Creative Possibilities Abound with the Playskool ShowCam Camera

Over the past seven weeks, The Kids have been playing with their Playskool Showcam Camera non-stop. Make that NON-STOP.

In October, it was all about the cameras projection capabilities. Last month, we showed you how everyone at Uncle Mike’s Sausage Fest 2013 got all silly and animated. And today, I’m here to share with you all that The Kids have learned. Okay, it’s a big ole brag post with a giveaway at the end!

Playskool ShowCam

At 3.5 years old, The Kids had the camera figured out from the very beginning. The interesting part was I never told them anything about the camera. Not even “clicking the big orange button took a picture” or “moving the lever activates the projector”. And, if that was all the camera did, it might not be brag worthy. However, it animates, and takes funny pictures on top of taking pictures and projecting them.

There are so many Creative Possibilities!

Artemis has turned into the official family photographer. It’s been really interesting to see the change in subjects that she chooses. I love this one that she took of Max and I and the one where she asked me to hold up the cat. The quality of her pictures has improved with her being able to hold the camera more steady and line up the silly pictures with the subject. Neither is an easy feat; even for an adult.

Playskool Showcam Camera after Pictures

Quite an improvement from the 532 pictures of our carpet (I’m not exaggerating by one picture).

Max has turned into quite the videographer and cinematographer. There are movies playing all over the house and on every surface (including the cat!). His favourite subject matter? Himself of course!

And he can be picky because there are tons of animations to choose from.
I swear I hum this song in my sleep.

If you’re looking for just the right present to put under the Christmas tree this year, this camera is it. While it’s recommended for ages 3-7, that is only a recommendation as our neighbours child is 12 and she’ll be receiving one!

PTPA Winner LogoIn case you weren’t aware, this product is a PTPA Approved Winner!

Look for the PTPA Seal on select Hasbro Products and snap a picture to WIN. Click here for more information.

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As a Brand Ambassador with PTPA and Hasbro, Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

Besos, The Zoo

198 thoughts on “Creative Possibilities Abound with the Playskool ShowCam Camera

  1. Angela Mitchell

    We actually don’t have any playskool products that I know of but we are getting Big Hugs Elmo for Christmas.

  2. Rene

    We will be getting a Big Hugs Elmo shortly…exciting! We would love this as my daughter regularly drains the batteries in my own camera! (and it isn’t even a projector!)

  3. Steph BKn

    transformers rescuebots is a huge hit in our house! I absolutely LOVE how they have made it easy for the cars to transform onto robots fir the younger kids, one move! FINally a toy where the company has thought of the parents dealing with an upset child b/c a small piece broke trying to manipulate a toy into a robot or car, thank you playskool!!!

  4. jen s.

    I’d love the TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS TUMBLIN’ CHUCK Dump Truck and the Playskool Mr. Potato Head Little Taters Big Adventures Spud Safari Set. SO many great items!

  5. Tiffany Ann Frye

    Would love BIg Hugs Elmo. My son has been wanting this camera so bad! Would be amazing to win it!!!!! Would make his Christmas!

  6. ivy pluchinsky

    I would really really really like one of these showcam prizes. have been trying to win one for so long already.

  7. Amy Stackhouse

    We have a lot of Playskool toys like the Big Hugs Elmo, the Poppin Elafun, Elmo go-cart, Tumblin’ Chuck and lots more! The boys would LOVE to win the Show Cam! I love the fact it projects their images 🙂

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  10. Mrs. Sandi Tymchuk

    The big Hugs Elmo would be a great gift (I don’t have anyPlaySkool toys at home–no children of my own).

  11. Leanne Morton

    having 3 boy ranging between 8-5 we have a ton of playschool toys, this yr they are asking for the showcam, they think its the coolest thing.

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  14. michelle

    this could become a thing, i think it would be easier to list whats not in my house lol. In my living room I can see the MARVEL SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES PLAYSKOOL HEROES Electronic SPIDER-MAN STUNT CITY Playset, MARVEL SPIDER-MAN Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES SPIDER-MAN Web-Slinger & Mask Set, TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS TUMBLIN’ CHUCK Dump Truck and parts of Mr Potato head shoved under the couch

  15. Lemon_Cupid

    I had some of these toys when I was a kid – and I couldn’t wait to share them with my children. Playskool has been a huge part of our lives… from toddler toys to transformers, Mr & Mrs. Potato Head and Elmo – I love them all

  16. Pauline Milner

    We own a lot of Playskool products, including Poppin’ Park, several Playskool Heroes, Chuck and Friends, Mr. Potato Head and Sesame Street Characters. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  17. danielle t

    I’m sure we have lots of playschool but PLAYSKOOL EXPLORE ‘N GROW Step Start Walk ‘N Ride – PINK is one thing.

  18. Helisa D

    We have lots of Chuck items and Mr Potato Head & Friends that we’ve had since my daughter (9) was a toddler and her little brother loves them too

  19. Dana Miller

    My daughter loves her Hungry Hungry Hippo game that she picked out and had to have. This Christmas I would love to put the Playskool Showcam Camera under the tree for her. She loves capturing moments using Mommies cell camera and needs a camera of her very own. I love the creativity this product encourages! Merry Christmas!

  20. katy emanuel

    I would like to have Mr Potato Head for my daughter as I remember how much fun we used to have with him as kids

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  22. Lindsay Cyr

    Playskool has so many great items! My daughter and son are both getting a Big Hugs Elmo for Christmas this year! 🙂

  23. rene chartier

    My twins would love this. We have a little camera they use and build stories on the computer with but it’s not quite as nice.


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