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Aries the Cat Portrait

On the Eve of Your Death…

I thought you would live forever. I really did. But, that’s not the way life works. Seeing as endings are so sad, I thought that I would start at the beginning and go from there. It was June 1996, we… «more»

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A Bucket Full of Maggots #video #therealmexico

As part of my “The Real Mexico” Video Series (note that I just made that up this very minute), I’ve decided to show you something that you might never have seen before. While it’s not exclusive to Mexico, it seems… «more»

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WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 02/04

I was going to write a long post about something very important but then I decided that I was too tired. Can you blame me? Ed’s been in Canada for 10 days and I’ve been looking after The Kids. Solo.… «more»

Tiny Talkers Baby Sign Language Header

Teach Your Baby Sign Language With Tiny Talkers

Sign language has always intrigued me. As a teen, a bunch of friends and I took a sign language course. I can’t remember much of it now but I know that we could carry on a basic conversation and that… «more»

Doctors Office Mexico

What It’s Like to Live in a Doctor’s Office

Our house in Mexico used to be a Doctor’s Office. But not just any Doctor’s Office. The Doctor that lived here was such a fixture in the city that if I want to give people directions to our house all… «more»

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WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 01/28

It all started about three years ago. I don’t remember the exact giveaway, my first win or even how I found out about the world of giveaways but I remember a bunch of stuff since then. Probably my most memorable… «more»

Child Doesn't Want to Go School Mexico

When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School

It was all too much. Another language. Separated from the sibling that they had known since conception. First time away from Mom. Sitting for three hours*. All this change resulted in days filled with crying. Not participating in events. Excuses… «more»