Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Bucket Full of Maggots #video #therealmexico

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As part of my “The Real Mexico” Video Series (note that I just made that up this very minute), I’ve decided to show you something that you might never have seen before. While it’s not exclusive to Mexico, it seems to happen to me a lot around here. Let me segway for a minute.

In case you’re not aware, since 2005, Ed and I have been involved with the local Humane Society*. We’ve helped care for, rescue, sterilize and euthanize 100’s of animals. There’s still a lot more work to do.

One of the main problems is feeding the animals. Every morning when I open my door, I am greeted by at least 2-3 familiar faces. Throughout the day, a few more. While I’m probably not the only one that feeds these “street dogs”, that’s an awful lot of dog food. And, dog food is not cheap nor is it nutritious.

Friends of ours own a pig slaughter company. They sell every.single.part of the pig except the lungs and leg bones. Well, they could sell the leg bones for soup like other places do but they don’t, they give them to me. For my street dogs. A few times a week, I walk over to their place with my empty bucket and return with it overflowing. Usually gifting a few along the way.

I never know when my dogs will or won’t show up. Some just disappear forever. Sometimes I don’t have enough bones. When that happens, I give them some of Reina and Phoenix’s food and hope that the little sustenance will quell their rumbling bellies. I try to remember that we need to take it “one animal at a time” but even so, my heart aches.

And other times. Well, other times I have too many bones and this happens.

Ever Seen a Bucket Full of Maggots Before?

* I use the term humane society to imply action and not because we are affiliated with the actual Humane Society.

14 thoughts on “A Bucket Full of Maggots #video #therealmexico

  1. Freda Mans

    Um… can’t say that I have until now. Kinda gross, but not much you can do. I imagine the heat and humidity in Mexico helps contribute to the maggot infestation, but it is normal in dead flesh too.
    The dog doesn’t seem to care one way or the other…. lol… I wonder if they can’t get sick from eating maggots?
    Freda Mans recently posted…Teaser TuesdaysMy Profile

    1. admin

      Dear Freda,

      In all of our time here, the dogs have never gotten sick. To be honest, the more maggots the better as far as they’re concerned.

      Besos, Sarah

  2. Rene

    You had me at “Trust me, there’s a whole bunch of maggots in there”. Divine post – thank you for making my day complete!

  3. Joseph Marchionda

    Great job helping out!!! Even though cats are more my thing, I’ll always have a soft spot for dogs

  4. Rebecca Brown

    Reminds me of some of the time I spend volunteering in shelters… Thanks for doing your part to help out!


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