Friday, January 17, 2014

The Kids First Day of Mexican School is a Happy Affair. Kind of. Maybe. Not

Todays post starts off where Wednesday’s ended… Ed and I headed to The Kids “potential” school to speak with the Director.

As luck would have it, the District Superintendent was there. Likely totally unrelated to our request. She immediately took the piñata by the rope and got to business. She started calling in teachers, asking for their classroom sizes and if they would take on two new kids. Within 15 minutes, she had two spots for The Kids.

But there was a catch.

Or two.

One, they couldn’t be in the same classroom. There just wasn’t room. Not only from a teaching point of view but also from the physical size of the class (the rooms are physically too small).

Two, there was only room for one kid in “grade 4” with four year olds. The other spot was in “grade 5” with 5 and 6 year olds.

What does a Parent do?

Since The Kids were so excited to go to school, we decided to put Max in with kids his own age and Artemis with the older kids. I ran back to the house, got The Kids ready and snapped this picture for prosperity. First Day of School Mexico 140108 Meanwhile, Ed went to the local photocopy shop to get copies of The Kids passports and vaccination records. And that was that. No fees. No hassles. No contact information. Nothing.

And so began The Kids first day of school.

When I picked them up three hours later school runs from 9am to Noon, they had a bag full of candy. Well, they had all the candy that they hadn’t already eaten. There were treats with peanut butter, nuts and above all else sugar. Fortunately, The Kids don’t have any special food needs because “allergies” is not a word that translates in Spanish. At all.

Artemis’ teacher gave me a list of 12 items that she would require. Everything from thick crayons to scissors, pencil sharpeners and paint smocks. Max’s teacher required nothing, Not even a crayon!? but I bought him one of everything anyways.

That night, I had the pleasure of staying up until 1am writing their names on everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Even the last item… two rolls of toilet paper.

Toilet paper?

Yes, The Kids have to bring their own toilet paper. I’m not sure exactly how it works but I think that when they ask to go to the washroom the teacher gives them some paper. Except that The Kids have been many times and have never taken toilet paper.

As for what they do in class. I have no idea. Asking them doesn’t result in any definitive answers. I can’t even figure out if they went to the bathroom. I do know that when I picked up Max outside his room, his teacher was reading the kids a book. Artemis must have done some colouring because she had a drawing in her bgd. Unless she picked up the kids beside her.

Segway. I took another video and I wanted to post it here but it’s too large to upload to YouTube. So, I spent three hours trying to find a free video editor that works with Windows 7 and can be trusted. To no avail.

In a nutshell, the video would have shown that The Kids enjoyed their first day of school. Kind of. Maybe. Not.

Find Out How Things Really End…

P.S. We figure that at some point, we should tell the school what our names are, where we live and provide them with a phone number to get in touch with us.

P.P.S. Sorry for the delay in posting this. I know how you were all on the edge of your seat, but, in case you didn’t notice, our website was down yesterday. The reason was that our host was being hit by spammers.

19 thoughts on “The Kids First Day of Mexican School is a Happy Affair. Kind of. Maybe. Not

  1. Rene

    I think it’s awesome that they didn’t ask you for any personal information..especially how to contact you in case of emergency. I hope the saga continues on a positive note?
    Yay school!!!

  2. Eric SHEWAN

    Hey Sarah, my name and email were already entered…Cool…

    Nice to hear that Max & Artemis are being schooled.

    The “SHERIFF”

    1. admin

      Dear Uncle Eric,

      Always nice to hear from you. Looking forward to hearing about your lunch at the 5-Star.

      Besos, Sarah

    1. admin

      Dear Freda,

      I’m trying to stay on top of things but finding it hard to ask the right questions when you don’t know what questions to ask. The Kids are safe so that’s the important thing.

      Thanks for all your support. Always nice to see your smiling face.

      Besos, Sarah

  3. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel

    Sounds like quite a day! I can only imagine the feelings of anxiety and concern when you left them there. Since my husband is from Mexico and I have spent time with our nieces and nephews there I can certainly tell that school is different for them. And the candy! My goodness there is SO much candy all the time!
    Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel recently posted…5 Tips to Find Cheap FlightsMy Profile

    1. admin

      Dear Kerrie,

      It is so different and I just assumed that it would be the same. Not that I even know what Canadian schools are like. Anyways, you know what they say about assume…

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m off to read your post on “5 Tips to Find Cheap Flights” as I’m heading to Las Vegas in April!

      Besos, Sarah

  4. paula schuck

    I haven’t seen a post from you for so long and loved seeing this on Bloglovin’ just now. I squealed and called my kids over to come look at your adorable wee ones. We miss you. Hope you are having a FAB time there.

  5. Laura

    Sounds like the kids will be enjoying school and you’ll get a well deserved break! And a break in Mexico should involve some relaxation :). Enjoy!

  6. Rebecca Brown

    I still remember exactly each of the first days of school for each of my sons. Hard to watch them grow up, but proud at the same time.


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