Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you Identify this Type of Mexican Avocado?

Fuerte Avocado MexicoBefore I came to Mexico, I thought that there was one type of avocado; Hass.

Since coming to Mexico, I learned that there were two types of avocados; Hass and This One.

Since I started researching this Wordless Wednesday post*, I learned that there are a lot of different types of avocados.

As far as the people around here** are concerned, this variety is called “Chiapas”. It’s bigger than a Hass, is light green, has smooth and very thin skin and doesn’t taste as “fatty” as a Hass. They grow like weeds, much like apples in Canada but aren’t as popular as the Hass. Which is odd because avocados are a staple in the Mexicans diet and they’re cheaper than Hass avocados.

I tried the “Chiapas” avocados once. I found that they tasted really bland and the skin was so thin that I found it difficult to peel as tiny bits came off a little at a time. Turns out that people around here don’t even bother peeling them, they eat it like an apple with the skin on.***

And, just when I was going to ask you if you’re ever had a “Fuerte Avocados”, I realized that the avocados in the picture are starting to turn a purple colour and the ones I remember eating were totally green.

Can you Identify this Type of Avocado?

* This Wordless Wednesday post is going to be anything but wordless. As usual.
** Here being San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.
*** I know some people that eat Kiwis with the skin on. No thanks.

14 thoughts on “Can you Identify this Type of Mexican Avocado?

  1. Susan T.

    We only get the Haas avocados in my town but I’d be willing to try any avocado. They are my favorite!

  2. Debbie S.

    Hmm, never knew this! Interesting. I know avocados are very healthy for you, but i only use them in cooking or a dip!

  3. Amy Lovell

    I only thought there was one kind too. If I ever came across this one, I would think it a mango LOL

  4. Elaine Buonsante

    I’ve just discovered how delicious avocados are, so thanks for furthering my knowledge on the topic.


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