Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 04/29

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For the first time in a long time, I’m going to run this linky for two weeks. The reason?

Next week at this time, I will be in Las Vegas with Shayna from Mommy Outside celebrating our birthdays. I can’t tell you exactly what I’ll be doing because you know how it goes… “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”, however, I can guarantee you that we’ll be having a blast. I can now cross Las Vegas off my bucket list.

As for what’s going on around here, I’ll be posting and have some giveaways planned.

1. Wondering what we did for four months while in Mexico? Click the link and wonder no more. We’ve put it all together in one blog post.

2. Have you entered our new McCain Foods Giveaway? Long story short, when Aries died, McCain Foods felt sorry for us and sent us an FPC for a Deep’n Delicious Dessert. We told you about it and some of you were sad. Sad that you didn’t have one. So, I had a chat with Aries and she agreed that we should give it away to you! What flavour would you get?

3. Two people will WIN a pair of tickets to Canada’s Wonderland! In case you don’t remember, we went last summer and The Kids had the time of their life. We hope to make it back again as a family this summer.

Journeys of The Zoo Weekly Giveaway Linky!

Note that there are two linkies. One where giveaways are open to Canada and one that is exclusively for Americans.


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