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Healthy and Quick Family Recipes Made with @Dempsters Tortillas

Dempsters Tortillas SpinachSummer is almost here which means spending every spare moment outside playing with The Kids, tending to the garden and eating fresh foods. You’d think with the longer days that I’d have more time to cook but it never works out that way. In fact, I find I have less time.

That’s why, whether I’m in Canada or Mexico, I have tortillas in the fridge. It takes me less than five minutes to put together a healthy and balanced meal that the whole family loves. In Canada, I stick to Dempster’s Tortillas because I like that it’s made with Canadian Wheat, has 6g protein* per serving, there are 6 flavours to choose from and of course, we prefer the taste.

Speaking of taste, I had Uncle Andrew and Uncle Kevin here this long weekend and put myself and the Spinach and Whole Wheat tortillas to the test. I served up the following three meals in around five minutes and all of them passed with flying colours!

For Breakfast — Egg Burrito with Fruit

What I love about this breakfast is that it has a little bit of everything in it and you can take it with you. Start with a little olive oil, throw in whatever vegetables you have in the garden or fridge and then scramble with a bunch of eggs. I added cheese, red peppers, and onions. Put it all into a toasted tortilla**, roll it and walk out the door. One Spinach tortilla (they’re large) and an apple was sufficient for each of the men.
Dempsters Tortilla Egg Burrito

For Lunch — Tuna Veggie Wrap with Coleslaw

This is one of my favourite go-to lunches because you can switch out the tuna for whatever you have in the fridge; steak, turkey, chicken, ham, pork or even just the veggies. I always make lettuce my first layer so that the fixings don’t make the wrap soggie and I find that toasting it helps too. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could throw in the coleslaw too or some guacamole, mustard or mayonnaise. This lunch was so portable that they ate it outside to take advantage of the lovely weather.
Dempsters Tortilla Wrap

For Dinner – Quesadillas

This is one of The Kids favourite meals and there are never any leftovers. A friend of mine puts shredded yellow peppers or carrots in hers to up the vegetable content. Next time I’m going to make mine with Spinach tortillas and see if anyone even notices.
Dempsters Tortillas Quesadilla

**My Secret Weapon — Toasting the Tortilla

I prefer my tortillas toasted. We have a glass top stove and I put them directly on the element on high and then turn it down to half when it gets hot. I make sure that I’m constantly moving the tortilla and it takes less than 30 seconds a side. I could probably bake them in the oven but I just find this quicker and easier. It will still work even if you have a gas stove (we do it in Mexico) and/or a coil element.

There you have it. Three meals. One for each part of the day.

Quick. Easy. Versatile. Healthy. Dempster’s Tortillas.

Have Any Other 5 Minute Meals Made with Dempster’s Tortillas?

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*The Spinach tortilla contains 6g of protein.

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo was compensated for sharing our recipes and secret weapon.

35 thoughts on “Healthy and Quick Family Recipes Made with @Dempsters Tortillas

  1. Kirsten

    Yum. Our favourite wrap right now is Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap. All you have to do is make your favourite Caesar salad, add some cooked cut up chicken to it and roll it in a tortilla. So easy and great for picnics or lunches.

  2. KD

    I also make quesadillas, wraps with scrambled egg and salsa, or hummus “sandwiches” (which I then use mini cookie cutters to cut into animal shapes for my toddler).

  3. Peady

    I am reeling from the ketchup with the quesadillas. 😛

    Imma just pretend that’s salsa, mmkay? Hee hee!

    Great ideas!

    It’s amazing how a “boring” sandwich can become an exotic wrap with a simple tortilla. School lunches are so much more fun with tortillas! We love ’em and as a matter of fact, just today, Thing 2 and I purchased a BIG package of Dempster tortillas at Costco. 😀
    Peady recently posted…Chimichanga! As fun to eat, as it is to say!My Profile

  4. Rene

    Love this! We had smoked chicken, salsa and cheese tortillas this week for lunch with our guests. It was a big hit! I use either a fry pan or the coil element to warm/toast our tortillas for burritos, sandwiches etc. I love the warm factor to a sandwich!

  5. kristen visser

    WOW those look absolutely delicious! totally craving the Tuna Veggie Wrap with Coleslaw. so healthy and easy to make

  6. Carla

    Wraps are always the best and easiest recipes to make! They are so convenient and pack a healthy punch at the same time. Those burritos look so good!

  7. Laurie P

    Quesadillas are a favorite here. My little one is a new fan too! Lately, for dinner, we’ve been having cabbage/beef stir fry, and the leftovers make a great wrap for lunch!

  8. Elva Roberts

    I think that it’s wonderful that you can make three meals for the day using Dempster’s Tortillas. I haven’t used tortillas much in my cooking and I think i should to provide variety in our meals. Thank you for these recipes.

  9. Cheryl Grandy

    These all look good! I hadn’t thought of toasting tortillas directly on the stove top – I’ll have to try it. Thanks for all the ideas.

  10. HEIDI C.

    I like your suggestion of toasting the tortilla. My girls always complain of wet wraps and refuse to eat the damp parts. I am going to try crisping them up.

  11. Jessica C

    There is a lot of different recipe’s I like for quesadilla all depends on what I am making with sides on what I am putting in the quesadilla

  12. Lynda Cook

    I love tortillas you can pretty much stuff them with anything and always makes for a great meal!!

  13. Amy Lovell

    These are great recipes I also really like herb and garlic cream cheese with cucumbers on a wrap for lunch as well,.


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