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Satisfy your Snack Cravings with @MapleLeafFoods Protinis

Maple Leaf Foods ProtinisEverywhere you turn, people are talking about Fat and Carbohydrates. There’s a lot of information out there and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. However, there’s one important component that isn’t talked about as much and it’s vital to a healthy diet and that is Protein.

Protein makes your body stronger, keeps you feeling fuller longer and helps build and repair muscle. There is so much more to it then that but in a nutshell, our bodies cannot make essential amino acids, so we need to get them from our food in order to sustain our muscles and tissues, as well as promote overall growth.

Bottom Line… Your Body Needs Protein.

Protinis Infographic

According to Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, a female aged 19-70 needs 46 grams of protein a day.

So, when I heard about the complete protein snack, Protinis from Maple Leaf Foods, I knew that I needed to give them a try. With 8 different flavours to choose from and at least 11g of protein in each snack (two-pack), there’s something for everyone.

As usual, we didn’t make it out of the store before The Kids were hungry. For once, I was able to offer them a healthy and complete snack and they didn’t even leave one bit of the Roasted Chicken with mild salsa.

Maple Leaf Foods Protinis Snack

When we got home, The Kids were still hungry so I offered them the chicken and cranberry snack. Even though they’d never had cranberries before, they dove right in. They commented on how the cranberries tasted like raisins and then they were gone. The cranberries that is. For my dietary requirements (I’m hypoglycemic), I’ll choose the mango or apple options next time as the sugar content is a lot lower.

Even though it’s being sold as a snack, you can also add it to your meals. This week, while making pizza, I was short on time and food so I put a container of the roasted chicken mild salsa and it really gave the pizza what it needed; taste and protein!

And last but not least, the price. As a single income family, we watch where our money goes. You can’t put a monetary value on teaching your kids the long-term value of making healthy choices and for me, having snacks that keep my sugar levels under control is a must. But, if you could put a value on it, after using your $2 off coupon, you too could be snacking and supplementing your families pizza dinner for 75 cents. 75 cents!And to sweeten the deal even further, Maple Leaf Foods wants one of you to try Protinis for FREE by entering our giveaway.

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Besos, The Zoo

125 thoughts on “Satisfy your Snack Cravings with @MapleLeafFoods Protinis

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  2. Monique Shuell

    I can relate most to the woman who cannot eat spinach alone. A salad is much more satisfying with some protein in it.

  3. Jeff Skidmore

    Well since I’m a man, can’t really relate to any of them, but if I have to choose it would be the business woman!

  4. Brianne Hager

    Probably the third woman. I can’t have a salad without protein or I’m hungry again in five minutes.

  5. Cheryl Grandy

    I relate best to the first woman – suddenly realizing there’s something else on the schedule I need to rush to.

  6. KD

    I don’t really relate to any of them now, but I used to relate to the business woman before kids.

  7. Andrea Amy

    I can’t really relate to any of them, but i guess the busy mom who forgot soccer would be the closest for me 🙂

  8. Jennifer P.

    I can most relate to the mom just realizing that soccer practice is today, except in my case it’s swimming practice.

  9. Debbie S.

    I’m definitely relate to woman cannot live on spinach alone! I love my greens but like lots of flavour!
    P.S. And chocolate

  10. Wayne Lecoy

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Five Free Product Coupons for Protinis Snacks.
    In response to your requirement to watch the 30 second video
    and tell you which of the three people i can relate to.
    I can relate to the woman who can’t eat spinach alone.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Nancy T

    I can relate to the business woman and the mom! I have a crazy meeting after meeting schedule at work and have to fit in CBT for my oldest daughter at her school, pizza lunch mom, the rushing for after school activities, homework, weekend activities….phew! I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it! I yummy quick snack of protein would help me keep up with my hectic life!

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  15. Deanna Barkley

    I can relate to the mom who is always looking for a snack on the run. I am always looking for something easy, quick and nutritious to take as a snack for my grandson. I am the one who takes him to a lot of his activities.

  16. Pam

    The woman who can’t live on spinach alone. I love salad but it has to have some protein to keep me going through the day.

  17. yana ryjova

    I relate to themom looking for a snack on the run. Im always busy and I need something quick and easy.

  18. shauna wyspianski

    It is definetely the mom I relate to the most. Always on the go and forgetting something.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Amy,

      Clearly my photography skills don’t do the chicken justice 🙂 It’s real chicken breast, not pressed and tastes great. Check it out in the store and see if it looks better 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Besos, Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…It Takes a Village to Raise a ChildMy Profile


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