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Labelling Your Kids Stuff Just Got a Lot Easier with @OliversLabels

Olivers Labels LogoResponsibility, respect and consequences. A few of the many words that I try and incorporate into my daily speech with The Kids. Many times I’m referring to how they treat other people but sometimes I’m talking about their possessions.

We were at an auction this weekend and Max brought along his kaleidoscope. Shortly after arriving, he put it down and forgot about it. Throughout the day, it became the property of another child who in turn gave it to another child. When it was time to leave, there was a bit of a discussion between myself and the “new owners” parents as they believed that it was the other child’s to give. Long story short, if it had been labelled there wouldn’t have been any discussion.

Things get misplaced and lost. Even I’ve been known to do it. So, it’s not a surprize that, considering The Kids are only four that things go missing. Still, these things cost money and I want to support them and help them succeed. When I heard about Oliver’s Labels, I hoped that they would be the solution.

52 Label Designs and Colours to Choose From

Olivers Labels Camping Package

When it came time to ordering my Camp Package, I was really impressed with all the fonts, colour and designs to choose from. No more “gender neutral” orders. Instead, I split up the order and got some that Max would like and others for Artemis. With 52 designs to choose from, you’ll want to pick one of each. The Camping Package includes 151 labels and tags: 20 Original Labels, 50 Mini Labels, 14 Shoe Labels, 30 Iron On Clothing Labels, 35 Stick-Eez Clothing Labels, and 2 Large Bag Tags.

When we were in Mexico this winter, I had to label every.single.thing that The Kids took. That meant that I had to cut a small rectangle of paper, write their name on it and then tape it to the item. In the case of pencil and regular crayons that meant 48 times. FORTY EIGHT TIMES. Then, when I was done, I had to do the scissors, eraser, pencil sharpener and the list goes on. It took me all night. Did I mention that I had to do it more than 48 times!?

Olivers Labels School Supplies

This time, I labelled The Kids shoes, helmets and school supplies in 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES. This summer when we go to September Camp I’m going to put iron on labels on the kids clothes. I’m sure it will take me less time than it took to make the 48 labels. The best part is that The Kids can help.

Olivers Labels Original

Olivers Labels Shoe

I’m all for making my life easier and Oliver’s Labels has helped me have more time for the things that really matter and that does not include spending hours labelling things. If you’re in the same boat then save yourself some time by ordering a pack or two. Shipping within Canada is always
FREE and my package arrived within days. If you spend over $30 and are in shipping to the USA, it is also free! Or, until June 10, you will receive $20 off a camping package with Promo Code: CAMP2014. And last but not least…

WIN a Camping Package from Oliver’s Labels Below!

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99 thoughts on “Labelling Your Kids Stuff Just Got a Lot Easier with @OliversLabels

  1. Rene

    I love the cupcakes and the butterflies – these would be so handy when girl #1 starts school in september!!

  2. Leesa McClure

    These are so adorable. I love for my Grandson is the sports & transportation labels. So cute.

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  4. Laurie P

    So many great choices! Love the Music notes, butterflies, sea life, Hungry caterpillar, and the color palettes!!

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  6. Jan Messali

    Right now my grandson is into transportation vehicles, so I’d choose that… but, I also love the Superheros, SeaLife and Hungry Caterpillar designs.

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    i think we would love the butterflies or the fantasy ones, they have so many good ones, its a little hard to chose

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  11. Heather B

    My oldest would love the zombies, my youngest the transportation set and my daughter the monkeys!

  12. Danielle C

    I’m loving the food allergy ones!! I’d get the “no nuts”, “no dairy”, and “no eggs” for my son! I also like the “arcade”, “dragon tattoos” and the “hungry caterpiller”.

  13. Sunshine H

    I think DD would love the Princesses, but I might be able to convince to pick the super cute Hungry Caterpillar 🙂

  14. amanda

    I love the zombies, dinos….well really everything. I have a daughter with lots of pre k buddies and these would be awesome gifts especially the allergy alert stickers!

  15. Amy Lovell

    Thanks! My daughters going to a uniform school this year! So labels are def something we need. The problem is there are so many companies that make labels. Will def be checking this one out!


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