20 thoughts on “One of Many Reasons Why I Live In The Country

  1. Soozle

    Amen to that 🙂 I really envy the life of non-city dwellers sometimes… the peace and quiet is truly amazing!

  2. Elva Roberts

    We live in the suburbs of a city (really small) and we have birds nesting in our yard, in a bird nester I put in a tree and in our shrubs and trees. Lots of birds chirping and lots of visitors to our bird feeder.

  3. Laurie P

    I lived in the same neighborhood my whole life in the city. Moved to the Niagara region….I love love love my mornings without the hectic rush that was everyday life in the city. Even my teen loves the quietness lol. We visit here and there, but there is nothing like driving away from it at the end of the day to my little piece of heaven.


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