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Find out why LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a Must Visit for LEGO Fans of All Ages

LegoLand Graphic

Everything old is new again; teased hair, tye died clothes and even the colour orange. And then there are some things that never get old such as LEGO. Poppa played with it when he was a boy and it was a favourite of mine as well. As for The Kids, at only four years of age, their love of LEGO is already well documented.

When I heard about LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, I knew that we had to visit.

The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is located in Vaughan, Ontario, just a quick drive North of Toronto. We went on a Wednesday morning and while it was busy, we didn’t have to wait for any of the many activities such as; Rides, Attractions made out of LEGO, Master Model Builder Workshops, Playground and 4D cinema.

Activities for everyone, including Adults.

Speaking of 4D movies, this was the first time that The Kids saw a movie in a theatre. I was worried that they might be a bit afraid of the 3D or 4D factor and/or having to wear glasses but they loved all of it. It was my favourite part for sure. Which goes to show you that even though the centre is geared towards 3-10 year olds, it has things for adults too.

Legoland Artemis 4D Movie

Max’s favourite part was the Racers Build and Test Centre. After some engineering and trial and error, he and Ed created a race car to rival all race cars. Or one that had four wheels… Then, they had a chance to race it against others (on one track) or alone (on another). He especially loved it when the car took air. Like the movie, this activity was enjoyed by the adults as much as the kids.

Legoland Max Racing Cars

Artemis spent most of her time “creating” with some of the over 3 million bricks in the building. And I’m not exaggerating by 28 bricks. There were bins of LEGO stacked beside bins of LEGO. And where their wasn’t LEGO to play with, there were things made of LEGO. Pictured is one of many bins.

Legoland Artemis Playing with Lego

If you haven’t seen Niagara Falls on the Toronto Skyline (during the day and at night!), you can at LEGOLAND. There were several interactive portions to the display such as planes starting their engines, boats going around the lake and street cars riding the tracks. The attention to detail was incredible. All of that is made with LEGO!?

Legoland Toronto Skyline

The one thing that I didn’t like was the first ride. The concept was that you were taken along tunnels and tried to save the Princess by shooting at the bad guys (you had a gun and needed to hit sensors). I would have preferred hitting flowers that made them grow or something. I’m sure that there are signs to describe the ride and in turn, I would have opted out but we just got into line and immediately got on the ride.

Healthy Food Choices in the Cafe and for Birthday Parties

The Cafe was impressive in it’s size, healthy food choices and reasonable prices. A kids meal deal includes a sandwich and choice of side for $5. Kids could choose from fruit, yogurt, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, hummus and more. Food is not permitted in the facility except for those with babies or food allergies.

LegoLand Cafe

Open seven days a week and with tons of parking, consider becoming an Annual Pass Holder and enjoy many benefits such as 10% off purchases in the Gift Shop, 20% on food and beverages, an invitation to sneak preview event days and more. Note that entry is Free for Kids two years and younger. Remember to bring socks for your kids so that they can play in the playground area. If you forget, you can buy a pair for $1. Note that Adults must be accompanied by a child or attend one of their monthly “Adult Nights Only” events.

They suggest that you allow 2-3 hours for your visit and I’d agree. We did 3/4 of the activities and it took us 3 hours. Based on Max’s displeasure when it came time to leave, we could have stayed a lot longer.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a Must Visit
for LEGO Fans of All Ages!

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Note that this is the second of five attractions in our “What To Do with your Family This Summer in Toronto”.

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received compensation that enabled us to complete this review.

33 thoughts on “Find out why LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a Must Visit for LEGO Fans of All Ages

  1. nikki robak

    My son loved lego as a child and now my grandson loves it and legoland sounds like a great place to go

  2. kristen visser

    how fun!! We have never been! mind you my daughter is very young still but this is a place i would definitely want to take her. looks like a great family fun day

  3. Rene

    This looks great – the bins of LEGO would be exciting enough, but add in all the rest and it does sound like a full day adventure! I love that the meals are affordable (and varied)!


    My daughter wants to take the grandkids there next month. From the pictures it looks like they will have lots of fun.

  5. Laurie P

    Definitely taking my little one here when she’s old enough. We recently opened up all my sons bins of lego. I’m pretty sure we have at least 100 sets, big and small. He was truly the worlds biggest lego fanatic at one point in time. And I know he would sit down and build again with his little sister, even tho he’s 16 now…..he’ll always be a lego fan. Daddy too lol.

  6. Chantal A

    I’ve been wanting to check, Thanks for the post I think I will put in on my summer bucket list of things to do with the kids

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I loved it when I went to Legoland in Denmark. They had built a whole village out of Lego and it was amazing. No doubt it is even better these days as this was about 40 yrs ago. My kids all loved Lego and now their children do too. Needless to say the dads always like to just give the kids a helping hand to build whatever it is 🙂


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