Monday, July 7, 2014

WIN $300 USD Cash #Giveaway #SizzlingSummer, Worldwide, 8/6

SizzlingSummer Cash Giveaway ButtonEd keeps telling me to buy lottery tickets. I’m pretty sure it’s because he’d love a wad of cash in his pocket. I mean, who wouldn’t? No need to answer that one as I’m pretty sure we all know the answer.

If I won $300 cash, I’d buy a load of caviar for myself, glider lessons for Ed, something that could be taken apart, put together or launched into space for Max and something sparkly (like new shoes) for Artemis. And the best part is that if I won THIS giveaway, I could do all of that.

So, when I got the opportunity to participate in a CASH giveaway with some of my Canadian Blogger peers, I jumped at the chance. I mean, Margarita from DownshiftingPro has organized these giveaways before and she shared a story about the lucky and tearful winner. Okay, she might have been the one that was tearful but in the end, it’s all good.

What Would You Buy If You Won $300 Below!?


Prize: $300USD paid via PayPal. Approximate prize value is $330CDN.
Eligibility: WORLDWIDE! Age 18+. Excluding Quebec and other Countries that are not Eligible.
Duration: The contest will run from Monday, July 7 until Wednesday, August 6, 2014, inclusive.
Shipping: Included in the prize.
Entry Method: Giveaway Tools.
Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo did not receive any compensation in exchange for posting this giveaway.
Notes: Journeys of The Zoo is not administering this giveaway.
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20 thoughts on “WIN $300 USD Cash #Giveaway #SizzlingSummer, Worldwide, 8/6

  1. Jessica Wall

    I would purchase a home dip station for doing leg raises, dips, and pull ups. It’s one of the few things my home gym is missing 🙂

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