Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What do Dimes, Turkey, Ronald McDonald and Catapults Have in Common?

What do dimes, turkey, Ronald McDonald and catapults have in common? Throw in “pet a 55-pound python” and you’ve pretty much got a list of our monthly accomplishments. Sorry to all the Grandparents out there that have been waiting for pictures of The Kids, I think that you’ll be pleased with this weekly update. Without further ado.

Ronald McDonald

Tonight, we headed to the North Grenville Public Library for a bedtime story read by a special guest… Ronald McDonald! This week is Ontario Public Library Week and apparently it coincided with a Ronald McDonald tour (you can follow it on Instagram #RonaldMcDonaldOfficial). The Kids had never met him or a real clown before (their words, not mine) so to say that they were dressed and waiting at the door two hours early would not be an exaggeration. And he didn’t disappoint.

141020-Ronald McDonald1

He arrived in a special McDonalds car, unlike the unicycle that The Kids predicted and he got right to creating and imagining. The Kids went to the moon, read a Halloween book and then they wrote a funny story with him. The one-hour event ended with some juice and cookies, photo opps and a signed pamphlet.

141020-Ronald McDonald2

He was funny, outgoing and fabulous with kids. The best part was that so many of his jokes were just for the adults. Well worth the trade off for having tired kids. We will definitely do more library events like this.

141020-Ronald McDonald3


On Sunday we went to ScienceFest hosted by Natural Resources Canada. Over a three-hour period we visited at least 25 kiosks divided amongst four buildings. There were a lot of people there but we kept moving and picked up business cards if we wanted to know more (like information on science camps). The Kids especially liked the helium balloons, slime making and the homemade engineered catapult making.



Unfortunately there weren’t any outdoor activities (as in years past) because it was only 5 degrees out and it felt like -25 with the wind factor. Fortunately, Tim Hortons and the Rogers TV Community Cruiser were there with FREE Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tidbits.


Rumour has it that there will be another event in February (associated with Winterlude). If we weren’t in Mexico, we would definitely have gone. It was well worth it and that has nothing to do with the fact that it was free!


On Saturday I baked my first Turkey and am just putting the finishing touches on my post. I’m providing a picture of a turkey in case you don’t know what one looks like. Never can tell.

141018-Thanksgiving Turkey

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A few weeks ago, we started giving The Kids an allowance. It’s been going really well except for #4 in the cons… I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kids and allowances.


In early October, I spent four days in Toronto at Blissdom, an annual National Blogging conference. I connected with some old friends and made some new ones too. Big thanks to Nanna and Ed for holding down the fort. In case you were wondering, watching 37 hours of tv in four days does not harm a child.

Blissdom 2014 Shayna Journeys of The Zoo Anna Epp Photography

This picture of Shayna (from Mommy Outside the Box) and I pretty much sums up the conference. Thanks to Anna Epp Photography for taking the picture.

What Did You Do This Week?

For the record, Max has decided that he doesn’t want me to cut his hair. If anyone has any creative methods of coercion, please share.

8 thoughts on “What do Dimes, Turkey, Ronald McDonald and Catapults Have in Common?

  1. Elva Roberts

    Ronald McDonald. I did not know that Ronald McDonald made personal appearances I think this would be marvellous for the children present, and apparently it was a wonderful experience for them and their parents. Kudos to Mc’Donald’s for these interactions with their customers and the public.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Elva,

      I didn’t know that he made appearances either but apparently he visited a few years ago (when we was on tour) so he asked the library if they wanted him to come again. There were at least 25 kids (plus parents) so it was a popular event. We would definitely go again.

      Always a pleasure to see your comments. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      Besos, Sarah
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