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Creative Activities for Kids Delivered to Your Door @bayobundles (Canadian Feature)

Bayo Bundles Logo-HandprintAs a Mother to two almost five-year old kids, I know what it’s like to step on popsicle sticks, trip over pencil boxes and find feathers in my cereal bowl. The Kids are in love with crafts and do them every chance they get. Sometimes they’re imaginative with their creations and other times they want prompts from me. While I love sitting down with them, I can’t always think up things for them to do. That’s where Bayo Bundles activities for kids comes in!

Please welcome Riley from Bayo Bundles, and this months, “I Am Canadian” Guest Post Feature at Journeys of The Zoo.


Watching children create, experiment, and explore is easily one of the greatest joys of parenting. For many moms and dads, however, coming up with new ideas, purchasing numerous supplies, and doing hours of prep work to provide for these activities is not. This was the driving force behind my company, Bayo Bundles.

Bayo Bundles is a subscription delivery service for children ages 5 – 10. Every month our subscribers experience a new topic through crafting, building, experimenting, and exploring. Each kit has a unique theme (anything from arts and culture to science and technology) and includes all the materials needed for each activity. Bayo Bundles makes it easy for children to learn something new each month while having a “bundle of fun!”

Bayo Bundles Activity Kits for Kids

I started Bayo Bundles shortly after my daughter was born. Prior to that, I had a typical corporate job and volunteered as a tutor for students with learning disabilities. When I first started tutoring I found it challenging to keep my students engaged so I began creating fun, hands-on activities to complement each lesson. It worked like a charm – my students were having a blast AND learning so much without even realizing it. After having my daughter and getting to know other moms and dads I learned that most parents struggle with ways to keep their children entertained and away from the TV and video games. I knew I could make it easy for parents to spend more time with their kids doing fun and educational activities by expanding upon what I was already doing so I got to work and Bayo Bundles was born.

I am often asked for the secret to managing a business and caring for my family and the truth is, there is no secret! It’s tough, but I’m getting better at it as time goes on. My daughter is home with me full-time so I work my butt off when she is napping, after she goes to bed at night, and when my husband gets home from work. I struggle just like any other working mother and, if I’m being honest, some days I feel like I’m not giving enough to my family or my business. Being home with my daughter and pursuing a career that I am passionate about is a dream come true for me so my husband and I make it work. My best advice for women trying to juggle it all is to remember to take time for yourself so you don’t get burned out. Personally, I do bootcamp three times a week and I am planning to focus more on my photography hobby this winter. Whatever it is that relaxes or energizes you – do it!

If you are interested in signing up for a Bayo Bundles subscription please visit . We offer FREE SHIPPING on all subscriptions. We also have limited edition seasonal/holiday bundles available for one-time purchase on our website.

Have you Ever Had a Subscription like Bayo Bundles?

Bayo Bundles Guest Post-Riley

Hello! I’m Riley. I am a mom, a wife, and most recently, an entrepreneur.

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12 thoughts on “Creative Activities for Kids Delivered to Your Door @bayobundles (Canadian Feature)

  1. kristen visser

    oh that is the coolest thing!! I never knew there was anything like this out there. I love that every month something new arrives at the door to get their creative juices and mind going. Having fun while learning 🙂

  2. Nena Sinclair

    I’ve never had a subscription like this. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift and it’s great for a child’s imagination, too!

  3. Alexa Nernberg

    What a great idea and awesome business venture. Wish I had heard about this some 20= years ago when our boys were young. I think they would have been intrigued with the various kits. They would have had fun while learning.


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