Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WIN at the Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky, CAN, 3/10 #canwin

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Update on The Zoo

Sterilization Clinic

In case you didn’t hear, on Saturday, we welcomed two new dogs into The Zoo. Their stay will be temporary which as far as they’re concerned is a good thing. You see, they’re a Mother/Daughter team that has lived their whole life on the street and we have them wearing collars, walking on a leash, hanging out inside our home and had them sterilized. Well, actually, friends and fans of The Zoo helped to have them and two other animals (yes, we took in four animals) sterilized. They’re such great dogs that we hope to find forever homes for them soon. I’ll be posting more about the experience shortly.

Sterilization Clinic Street Dogs

Bloodwork Required

A week ago, I had all the symptoms of food poisoning; nausea, headache, fatigue, gas and loss of appetite. I spent two days in bed and was excited when I felt well enough to get on with things. The only problem is that the symptoms didn’t go away and some of them even got worse. I suspected Typhoid as a friend had it here before, it’s really common and is contagious so I Googled it. Note, do not Google Typhoid. Since I had all the symptoms, I went to the doctor and she too suspected something of the sort and sent me for bloodwork. Turns out that I don’t have Typhoid. Yippee! However, I do have two bacterial infections (one of which is Salmonella) and so I’ve been prescribed an arsenal of medications to take over the next week. I’ll live.

School is Still Popular

For the past seven weeks, Artemis and Max (!) have been getting dressed, eating their breakfast, packing their snacks and walking one and a half blocks to spend the morning at school. Max has picked up some habits that we’re not too pleased about but life isn’t perfect anywhere in the world. Hoping he forgets them when he gets back to Canada.

Update on the Blog

Helping out at School

One day, the teacher asked the Parents to come into class and help with an activity regarding insects. I sure did learn a lot from that classroom of 5-year-olds. I learned about how little I know…


Donating to an Animal Charity

As a Petcurean Ambassador, we were fortunate enough to share our story of Charity and Petcurean donated $500 on our behalf to Hopeful Hearts Rescue Inc, a local animal shelter. Watch for more posts and giveaways over the next few months.

Petcurean_RGB Logo

Disney on Ice Skating Performance

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend the latest Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy Skating Performance at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa this week. However, a peer Marilou (who blogs at 20 York Street) and her family went and had great things to say about it.

Gay Lea Giveaway

In celebration of Banana Cream Pie Day, we posted a giveaway for a $90 Pie Prize Pack including two FPCs for Coconut Whipped Cream. Even if you don’t bake, you’ll want this prize for yourself.

Banana Cream Pie Gay Lea Coconut Whipped Cream
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10 thoughts on “WIN at the Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky, CAN, 3/10 #canwin

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  2. Eric SHEWAN

    You didn’t tell me what Bad habits Max has picked up.

    I’d hate to teach him the same things, if he already knows them.


  3. Jo-Anne Pfoh

    new puppies I love that you love animals so much. and i think you are truly amazing to help out the dogs. I do not know how i missed the call for help and for that i am sorry. I would have happily donated. they are adorable and you are a hero in my eyes. as for max sorry about the bad habits but like everything else at that age they come and go depending on the friends you keep. I remember those years so well 🙂 good luck can’t wait to read more muah

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Jo-Anne,

      There is always a need here in Mexico. Let me know if you want to help out in any way. My neighbour has taken in a street dog (he’s the son of the Mom that I just spayed!) and could use some dog food.

      To Max’s credit, he hasn’t picked up a lot of the bad habits so it could be worse.

      I’m just doing what anyone else would do if they could. Fortunately I can and it makes my heart feel so good.

      Besos Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…When Your Child Marches to the Beat of a Different DrummerMy Profile

      1. Jo-Anne Pfoh

        tell me what i can do to help plz hun i just won a bag of dogfood too dang it but i dont think they will ship it to mexico. lol let me know


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