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Changing the World — One Dollar a Day #1DollaraDay

Changing the World 1DollaraDayCharity has always been a part of my life.

From as far back as I remember, my Father was a member of the Rotary Club and my Mother the Women’s Auxiliary. Every Summer, we would head up to a camp for underprivileged youth and spend the long weekend fixing cabins and screens, shingling and whatever else needed to be done. Well, actually, my parents did that. My brother and I played with our friends, swam in the water and slid down the huge water slide. Another time, I had the chance to play the toy drum with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Massey Hall. Well, actually, I banged it a few times and off beat at that but I got to wear a pretty dress, shake people’s hands like a rock star and go out for dinner afterwards.

My parents made giving to others fun. I want to give the same gift to The Kids.

In turn, every year, around November we hold a charity gift drive where we gather presents from friends and family and give them to people in need, in honour of Alexanders life. When we’re in Mexico, we support the animals on the street by raising money in Canada through the sale of Mexican goods and use 100% of the profits for services like sterilization, immunization and finding them forever homes.

Delivering Presents to House of Lazarus

Original post can be found here.

Since 2012, each month, I provide a forum for a fellow Canadian or Cause to guest post as the “I Am Canadian” feature of the month where they get to share a chapter of their story. Whatever that may be. We have been touched by stories of Transplants and Organ Donation as well as Patriotism and even some humour. We have met some great Canadians and there are a lot more to come. I am so fortunate to have such supportive followers that also love to meet and support others. I hope that you will consider sharing your story.

This month, The Kids started volunteering at House of Lazarus. For an hour a week, they put clothes on hangers, pick things up off the floor, clean up the toys and shoes and make sure that the kids room is neat. They enjoy giving to others that are less fortunate than they.

House of Lazarus Foodbank

And, each week, we visit our local foodbank and thrift shop, House of Lazarus and Salvation Army where 100% of our donations and purchases go to support people in our community.

I am proud of the contributions that we make but I asked myself, “Can I Do More?” And the answer was Yes. So, I’ve come up with an idea.

I’m going to donate one dollar a day, every day for 365 days.

Why $1?

Because I truly believe that $1 can make a difference. Just like that quarter that changed my life.

So, from today until May 21, 2016, I will donate $1 to 365 causes. To date, I have given to the following charities (in no particular order).

  1. CHEO Hospital
  2. House of Lazarus
  3. Foodbanks Canada
  4. Waupoos Family Farm
  5. Museum of Nature*
  6. Christine Gish (Friend of a Friend, See comment below by Tara Gautier for more on Christine’s story)
  7. Elizabeth Kathleen Doherty (Friend of a Friend)
  8. Jason Magee (Personal Friend)
  9. Breakfast for Learning
  10. The Nature Conservancy of Canada
  11. President’s Choice® Children’s Charity
  12. D.I.F.D. at The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health
  13. Cystic Fibrosis Canada — Walk on the Team of Michelle Matta**
  14. Scouts Canada
  15. Make a Wish Canada
  16. Sick Kids Foundation (Middle right hand side of the page)
  17. Cystic Fibrosis Canada — Walk on the Team of Randa Derkson (Friend)
  18. Kidney Foundation of Canada
  19. Surrey Place Centre
  20. MagneTree Books
  21. Tim Hortons Childrens Foundation – Canada
  22. Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada
  23. The Grocery Foundation
  24. Seats for Kids
  25. Jumpstart
  26. Epilepsy Canada
  27. Kids on a Journey from Hurt to Hope
  28. Muscular Dystrophy Canada
  29. Alliance to End Homelessness
  30. The Terry Fox Foundation
  31. BabyGoRound
  32. Purolator Tackle Hunger
  33. Kids Help Phone
  34. Girls and Boys Clubs of Canada
  35. Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
  36. Shaw Festival (Must Register to Donate)
  37. United Way Ottawa
  38. Clear The Room
  39. The Royal Canadian Legion
  40. Heart Institute Foundation.

40 down and 326 to go. It’s a start but I have a long way to go and I’d love it if you could help. I understand that everyone doesn’t have a dollar to give but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. How about a tweet, a smile, support? If you’d like to support me, I could really use an extra set of eyes and ears to tell me about any Canadian Charities, Causes or People, that would benefit from my donation of $1 and being listed on my blog. Please contact me via whatever method is easiest for you or leave a comment below. And if you do want to give a $1 or join me in my goal, please leave your information below so that we can connect.

Giving really is better than receiving.

The following great charities deserve recognition, however will not accept donations of $1; Boston Pizza Foundation, Mountain Animal Foodbank, Ryan’s Well Foundation, RBC Run for the Kids, Canadian Diabetes Association, Kate Drury, Girl Guides of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, Operation Smile, Dress for Success — Ottawa National Capital Region, Breakfast Club of Canada, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Candlelighters, North York Women’s Shelter, Humewood House, Lanark Animal Welfare Society, Scientists in School, Kayleen’s Run for Drag the Red and The Children’s Book Bank.

* Note that you can also choose to cover the processing fee for an additional 3.95% of your donation.
** I do not know Michelle personally, however, I follow her on Twitter and saw this tweet of hers.

Together We Can Change the World.

42 thoughts on “Changing the World — One Dollar a Day #1DollaraDay

  1. Tara Gauthier

    I am sure I can come up with a bunch more ideas for great places to donate $1 to where it truly will make a difference. Of the top of my head though a particular family from my community comes to mind. Sadly, recently a friend of mine passed away due to cancer, after fighting a courageous battle. Not once during the time she fought this horrible disease did she allow any negativity into her life and thoughts, she just kept on saying how she was going to get better and go camping this summer, how she wasn’t going anywhere as she had three children to raise.

    Not only was she my friend, she was a friend and supporter of many in our community. She worked tirelessly in the social services field and helped many vulnerable youth get off the streets, away from drugs and onto bigger and better things. She truly cared about everyone she met and was a true community leader and just an all around wonderful person.

    Her family is not only dealing with losing a mother and a spouse but with a huge financial burden from her battle with cancer. Any help they can get would be appreciated, and every dollar does count!

    This is great of you to do this, and as I come across more ideas I will be back to post them. There is 10 days left in their goal to raise money to help them out with expenses.


    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Tara,

      Thank you so much for sharing a chapter of Christine’s story. I’m so sorry for her loss and that of her Family.

      This is exactly the kind of people that I want to help and have made a donation.

      I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

      Besos Sarah.
      Sarah recently posted…Would You Have Stopped to Help? My Profile

  2. René

    Great idea, and it confirms that every bit helps. Imagine if all who could, did. Love hearing that the kids are volunteering!

  3. Louise

    This is a very cool idea!

    Not sure if they accept $1 donations, because I haven’t checked, but what about MS? Every day 3 more Canadians are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and there’s currently no cure. One of them is my sister-in-law, so this obviously touches close to home for me. So we donate every year to MS – when she walks, when friends walk etc…

    My other near and dear charity is Frontier College – Canada’s oldest literacy organization. I volunteered (and briefly worked) for them for years running free reading circles and homework clubs for kids. They’re at

    Can’t wait to hear more about the various organizations you find! Good luck!
    Louise recently posted…Killing Independent Louise for #1000SpeakMy Profile

  4. Laurie P

    Very inspiring!

    A dollar a day can make a BIG difference! Such an incredible learning experience for your kids!

  5. Tara Gauthier

    Here is another idea. – Jumpstart helps kids that otherwise couldn’t afford it access physical activities in their community in addition to helping fund programs that community groups facilitate to help keep kids active. I can’t wait to see this list as it grows and what organizations end up on it. I will be donating to some of them as well. We are raising our kids with the same values as you around helping others and it is nice to see the kids step up and help others out.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Tara,

      It appears that you are as excited about this as I am. I’m honoured to have someone like you to share this journey with. If you’re so inclined, please keep me updated on your efforts. I speak from personal experience when I say that often I felt that I couldn’t make a difference but after reading similar experiences from others, I know that I can. We can.

      I’ve added JumpStart to my list (LOVE Canadian Tire) as I’ve met my credit card transactions for the day.

      Besos Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…Teach Your Kids Balancing Skills w/ the Scoot and Ride 2-in-1 Scooter, CAN, 6/9My Profile

  6. loucheryl

    I like to donate to the Surrey Place Centre Charitable Foundation. My oldest son has ASD and this place helps people who have developmental disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome. Every program they offer is free to people who need it but they have a long waiting list for help. My son was on the list for almost 2 years before he got into a program. The more money they receive, the more help they can provide to those who need it. 🙂

  7. Clare Korth

    Because of you, I have a renewed hope for the world. You inspire me everyday. You are one of the most loving, caring, thoughtful people I have ever met and I am very blessed to call you my friend. Seeing you and the beauties reminds me that there is goodness in the world. Peace and Love and Keep sharing your kindness everywhere. What a brilliant idea. <3 xoxo

  8. MrsWhite

    This is an excellent post, Sarah. Great values growing up and now being instilled in your children. I really think that’s what it’s all about. The best part of this, is that you are not only giving back in ‘giving season’, like Christmas. You truly are giving all year round. I am really touched that you go out of your way for people and animals 🙂
    MrsWhite recently posted…Apartment Gardening: Our Balcony OasisMy Profile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Mrs White,

      The reason why we don’t give presents in December and/or in celebration of Christmas is because some kids don’t make it to Christmas but still deserve a smile.

      Alexander died on December 19, 2009. On December 20, the hospital made personalized ornaments (with foot and hand prints) and they each got a huge hopper of toys that were donated by kind individuals. Alexander never got one.

      It wasn’t about the things or even the fact that he missed Christmas. In fact, they offered me/him a hopper. It was the fact that he wasn’t included and would never celebrate another day let alone another holiday.

      Thanks for your support and kind words.

      Besos Sarah.
      Sarah recently posted…Would You Have Stopped to Help? My Profile

  9. Peady @ Tempered with Kindness

    This is really nice. I can’t understand why $1 donations wouldn’t be accepted. I think that’s silly. I wouldn’t expect a tax receipt or anything, but I am 100% certain that the saying “every dollar counts” exists for a reason. That’s too bad.

    I love charities and I think we all try our best with giving.

    I have a few favourites that matter most to me and that is where I put my money and encourage my children to put their energy or fundraising efforts.
    Peady @ Tempered with Kindness recently posted…Twinkle, TwinkleMy Profile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Peady,

      Since (most of the time), the charge is made to my credit card, I’m sure that companies have to pay a fee for each transaction. By the time the dust has settled, they might not see much of the money.

      I like that the Museum of Nature let me choose to cover the 3.95% (which I did).

      Care to share which charities are your favourite? Maybe they accept $1 donations!

      Besos Sarah.
      Sarah recently posted…A Friendship that Just Keeps Getting Better With AgeMy Profile

      1. Peady @ Tempered with Kindness

        I love The Museum of Nature. Period. 😀 Such goodness there!

        I love WWF Canada, The David Suzuki Foundation, Ecology Action NS, Ducks Unlimited. Planets. So important to our survival.

        I also love the Heart & Stroke Foundation, The Molly Appeal, and several others like Team in Training (which helps raise funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society Canada).

        I know you want to donate $1, but does it matter *how* you donate it? I am thinking you could use your dollar to sponsor another person’s efforts. So, say a kiddo running for Terry Fox (Another fav of ours, btw).

        That might be a way to get around the $1 issue. 🙂

        Good luck!
        Peady @ Tempered with Kindness recently posted…One Step Forward And Two Steps Back. (Or My Life In Glacier Parenting)My Profile

  10. Linda D

    Every nickel, every dime, every dollar is a help to charities. There are so many great charities and I understand the need for management, but I become discouraged about donating when so much of our donation goes to administration expenses. I look for charities where our dollar goes the furthest.

  11. KD

    Imagine if everyoe did this!

    That’s great that you have started your children volunteering/giving back so early. It’s something important they will carry on with their whole lives.


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