Thursday, June 25, 2015

WIN a $25 Mastercard Gift Card! WW, 7/15 #canwin #giveaway

Mastercard Gift Card GiveawayIn case all the giveaways I host, as well as my weekly giveaway linky and of course my Master Giveaway Linky aren’t enough indication of my love of giveaways, I’ll just come out and say it…

I love giveaways.

I love hosting them, sharing them, entering them and winning them. It all started about 10 years ago (where does the time go?), entering a few, winning one, entering a ton, winning more. After I started my own blog five years ago (where does the time go? I think I already said that!?), I started to offer giveaways on my blog. Which interestingly enough is a very similar story to how many of my peers started offering giveaways. Any hoo…

Another one of my favourite things to do is to support others. Especially those that have supported and helped me over the years. Because let’s be real, without you my readers, I would simply be a woman that talks to herself every day. Which for the record, I do and will continue to do so with or without you but it’s WAY more fun with you around. WAY.

So, when Natasha from Canada and US Win and Save asked me to share this giveaway with you for a $25 Mastercard Giveaway I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to combine the two. Natasha is one of those people that posts your giveaways without even asking. She’s so fast that by the time you do ask, she’s already posted it… three days before. I really appreciate all her support and wanted to give back in some small way. Besides, who doesn’t love money!?

Without further ado, complete the form below and you’ll be entered to WIN a $25 Mastercard Gift Card!

What Will You Buy With the $25?

IMPORTANT NOTE. In case you’re not aware, Google often marks comments with less than a certain number of words (some say 8, others say 14) as spam and puts them in my spam folder. I frequently go through my folder but since I get hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of spam comments a week, yours could get lost in there and it is a MANDATORY requirement. In turn, as one of the commentors mentioned, you might want to increase your word count to minimize this risk. Good Luck!


Prize: $25 Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card. Approximate prize value is $25CDN.
Eligibility: Worldwide. Where law permits. Open to Quebec. Age 18+. One person per household.
Duration: The contest will run from Thursday, June 25 until Wednesday, July 15, 2015, inclusive.
Shipping: Included in the Prize
Entry Method: Gleam Form.
Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo did not receive any compensation in exchange for posting this giveaway.
Note: Journeys of The Zoo is not administering this giveaway nor are we responsible for winner selection or prize shipment. Please contact Natasha at if you have any questions. Gift card shown in this post may not be an accurate representation of the gift card that will be awarded as the prize.

25$ Mastercard Giveaway

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424 thoughts on “WIN a $25 Mastercard Gift Card! WW, 7/15 #canwin #giveaway

  1. Anna Johnson

    Love the giveaways! Great job with your blog and the chances to win 🙂 Thank you! I would likely buy ice cream treats for my family with the $25 to cool off in the summer heat.

  2. Elizabeth

    Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the hard work you put into setting up these giveaways! Winning a $25 Mastercard Gift Card would sure be nice 🙂 Thanks for this chance!

  3. Dani

    Thanks for the give-away! If I won, I’d be using it for new plates. Still have my winter ones out. (wry grin)

  4. l p

    thank you for taking the time to keep the web- and social media sites up and running. always learn something with I come here. thanks

  5. Diana Corlett

    The opportunity to enter giveaways is always much appreciated! If I were to win, I’d re-stock my spice cupboard!

  6. Shelley N

    I think I would buy some bath bombs -I just love soaking in the tub and they make my skin so smooth

      1. Jennifer Boehme

        I am just saying this because of the two word comments. Sometimes Google is marking them as spam and you don’t see them. Was kind of a warning to the 2 word comments, taking a chance. Thanks for reply also.

  7. Jennifer P.

    Thank you for a great giveaway ! If I win I will probably buy myself a new pair of flip flops for summer.

  8. naiddia p

    Thanks for the great contest! If I won it I would use it towards our next trip to the movie theater!

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love popping in here, always a good laugh to be had. Cheers 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, we’re sweltering under the heat.

  10. Chantal A

    It might be Monday but its kinda like a Thursday since most of us have Wednesday off to Celebrate Canada Day

  11. Layne Austin

    You are the kindest person. Its not always easy to do giveaways when some people are so rude when they receive them. I am so thankful for people like you who give me faith in humanity!

  12. tammy ta

    something nice!-Ha Ha- just kidding- thanks for the great contests that you put out. I would love to win this one and share the good fortune with my kids.

  13. Brandy M

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would probably use the MasterCard to buy my husband a new pair of shorts – desperately needed HA!

  14. Caroline M.

    It’s a beautiful day in Vancouver today, over 26 degrees, hope everyone in Canada is getting weather as nice as this, this summer.

  15. Amber Turner

    I’d love to win to add an extra boost to our budget! Starting grad school in the fall, so every little bit helps!

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    We’ve been enjoying super weather lately, today it’s been raining all day so the farmers will be pleased. We have an outside water ban in place but now the lawns and flower beds everywhere have been watered 🙂

  17. Debbie S.

    This would be great for stocking up for camping, like marshmallows to roast and hot dogs and buns. Thanks for the chance!

  18. Christian Mendez mendezdude13

    Hey just commenting for the giveaway entries 🙂 don’t mind me just passing thru. Have a great day 🙂

  19. Sandi Tymchuk

    I would love to use this to buy groceries–perhaps for a family barbecue. Alternatively, it would also make a great gift!

  20. Aliya D

    I started entering giveaways and contests in 2008 as a hobby after the recession kicked in and my boredom took over due to lack of funds. I won a few things and suddenly, I was hooked. I especially love entering contests that have a creative component where I have to do photography, videography or write something profound.

  21. Cathy Oppedisano

    Hope my wishes finally come true so that I will be surrounded by people who “just say something nice” to me all the time.

  22. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I think maybe my son has fixed my computer problems, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best 🙂

  23. John Thuku

    Thank you so much for sharing this giveaway with us. You have truly made my day with it. I hope I win. Best of luck to everybody.

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  25. Aliya D

    HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!!!! I am so proud of this country and to be a citizen! Hope everyone has a safe, wonderful day!

  26. Diana Corlett

    Who can’t use a little financial boost every now and again? Thank you for the great giveaway!

  27. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Happy Canada Day to one and all, hope you’re all having a great time with lots of good food and wine 🙂

  28. Hothaifa B

    this is awesome, thank youso much for this chance. i know my luck isnt good, so good luck to everyone

  29. Stephanie Poole

    Hoping everyone had a great Canada Day yesterday. Beautiful weather on Vancouver Island 🙂

  30. Aliya D

    Its a little odd going back to work after a mid-week holiday… BUT, I am all on board if it suddenly became the norm in Canada: work two days, get the middle of the week (Wednesday) off, work another two days and then the two day weekend! How awesome would that be?! I am starting a petition!!!! LOL!

  31. Caroline M.

    THIS IS a very useful prize in that you can make it become whatever you would like with a max value of 25$ 🙂

  32. joanne

    Several fashion items. Great that even though it’s Canada’s occasion, this giveaway is open worldwide.

  33. kathy mcclanahan

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity! I would definitely purchase something for my garden, it gives me great joy to grow it and there is always something I need! I love harvesting the bounty and enjoying it through out the long winter months! Have a happy July 4th holiday!

  34. Debbie S.

    I am spending time with my grandson next week, so excited. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  35. Aliya D

    It’s a beautiful summer day and I am headed out to the Stampede Grounds with the family; should be fun and amazing. Have a blessed day!

  36. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m enjoying this giveaway, thanks so much Sarah for all the hard work you put into setting these up for us 🙂

  37. Jennifer P.

    Very smoky Monday here in BC – hope all the BC residents are staying safe and breathing well despite all the forest fires. Have a great Monday everyone.

  38. Caroline M.

    I feel for people whose families and homes are near the numerous wildfires that are happening right now through the US & Canada. This week we’ve started to get some smoke & fine particles in the air in our area (Vancouver) and it reminds us how bad it must be for those that are actually closer to the fire.

    Courage & good luck to everyone affected!

  39. Erika Letson

    Thank you for this great giveaway! I would really appreciate winning this and would use it towards my grocery bill! Thanks for the chance!

  40. Chantal A

    Made some great memories with the kids, my niece and nephew yesterday. Hope everyone takes time to make some memories.

  41. Stephanie Poole

    There are just good people in the world. A random stranger made me smile today and I hope to do the same for someone else today.

  42. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I am so happy that summer is here and it’s nice and warm (sometimes hot) now. I’m still busy weeding our plot that will hopefully become a garden this year. 🙂

  43. Roy F.

    It’s sumertime and getting warm. 4th of July last weekend and people were seting off firecrackers all weekend long.

  44. Chantal A

    Good Morning, Today I am taking the kids to see the Torch for the PanAm Games as it arrives at Mel Lastman Square, What are you up to today?

  45. MacSpeedy

    This is a great opportunity for me to buy my daughter something nice online. Thanks for the free gift card.

  46. Stephanie Poole

    Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. – Mahatma Ghandi 🙂

  47. Jeffrey

    What would I buy with this money? That’s easy. I would get gasoline for my car at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club.

  48. Chantal A

    Good Morning Sarah, Hope the weather is nice for you today!!! Its warm but cloudy here today so I think its the perfect day to do some bowling with the kids.

  49. Jen S.

    It’s always nice to keep a card like this in the car or in your wallet just in case you end up somewhere and don’t have cash or if the bank unexpectedly shuts your card down because it detected fraudulent use. It happens – I’m proof! LOL I was pumping gasoline and walked in with $4 and some change in my wallet. Luckily I was at the gas station that I almost exclusively use and they knew me and let me bring in money the next morning.

  50. Stephanie Poole

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day. The sun is shining here and I am grateful for the friends and family in my life.

  51. Aliya D

    It’s ridiculously hot here… But it’s beautiful and lovely; especially when I can spend so much time outdoors.

  52. Stacy

    Thank goodness it is Friday! Actually I have Fridays off, so even better for me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  53. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    It’s so nice and peaceful here today and I’m going to have time to continue with my weeding of the garden in preparation for the lawn – I just wish that flowers would grow as quickly and wildly as the weeds 🙂

  54. tena smith

    If i win the 25$ i will use it towards my baby fund and splurge on all sorts of baby items i have had my eye on 🙂

  55. Krista M

    Hope you & your family are having a super fun summer.. enjoy the beautiful weather & thanks for these giveaways!

  56. Darwin

    This is a great giveaway. Who couldn’t use $25 to purchase something for themselves or their family. Thank you!

  57. Bo Simms

    I would buy with the $25 mastercard some art supplies for my niece from the dollar store. Great finds there!

  58. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I hope everyone is having a super weekend, glorious weather and generally enjoying themselves. 🙂 Spare a thought for those who live in SK, I do hope those fires are soon under control.

  59. Chantal A

    Today I had a water fight with the kids so much fun. Can’t wait to make more memories with them tomorrow. Hope you are having a great weekend to

  60. Aliya D

    Finally some blessed relief from the heat… Love the summer and the warm weather, but so happy for the refreshing rain! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

  61. M.Clark

    I would use the gift card to buy haircare products and bath and body products. Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  62. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Another glorious hot day but now it’s been thundering for about an hour, the wind has picked up a lot but not a drop of rain so far and we do need rain.

  63. Birdiebee

    I would love to be able to buy my granddaughter a new bike for her birthday in August as someone stole her bike a few months ago.

  64. Darwin

    I hope you’re having a great Monday! Mondays are always tough, but with a good cup of coffee, i’m making my way through the day.

  65. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I rushed into the garden to do some weeding as it looked like rain – 5 drops and that was it so I got more done than planned which is always nice 🙂

  66. Stephanie Poole

    Today I will call an old friend who’s drifted away and reconnect. Sometimes life gets so busy and I need to remember to sit back and remember the important things that get lost in the shuffle.

  67. Darwin

    I am excited that the weather has finally cooled off in Vancouver and I was able to get some landscaping done.

  68. Judy Schechter

    Hi, thanks for the awesome giveaway! If I’m lucky enough to win I think I would buy some lovely scented Victoria’s Secret body butter! Love Spell is my favorite scent, have you tried it?

  69. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Time for dinner, hope everyone’s enjoying themselves with glorious weather, good food and don’t forget to drink lots to prevent becoming dehydrated, especially important for children. Smile and be happy 🙂

  70. M.Clark

    Yes, it’s always great to do what you can to help a friend, especially when you know they’d do the same for you (if they haven’t already).

  71. Vesper Meikle

    well it’s July, we have a tropical storm coming our way today, it will be nice when it’s over

  72. Carol Burgess

    This is an AMAZING giveaway! Thank you for the chance! This would be perfect using it for new baby items

  73. Meg A

    I love giveaways but it does take time and effort to enter them unless you don’t have other commitments to fulfill. Thank you for the chance, this one is far easier than other complicated giveaways online.

  74. Laurie P

    Hope you’re enjoying the break in the crazy heat! If the weather stayed this way all year round, I’d be a happy girl!

  75. Jennifer P.

    Hope everyone is having a great week – halfway through to the weekend, just a few more days to go, yay!

  76. Bailey Dexter

    Enjoying the blog as well as always reading what other people are commenting as well. Always a positive site!

  77. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Hoping for a little rain later on, clouds are gathering. Love the sunshine and warmth but it has to rain sometimes 🙂

  78. M.Clark

    It’s always great to win a gift card. A little extra cash would be great to purchase personal care items.

  79. james jenkins

    While that may not seen like a lot to spend, I can think of many small things that it would help to have, or maybe put it towards something big.


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