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Get Ready for Back to School with LunchBots from @BabyJoy_ca

Baby Joy Back to School-Giveaway

Just because it’s only the beginning of August doesn’t mean that it’s too early to start thinking about Back To School. If you ask me, it’s never too early to start stressing about what clothes they’ll wear, how to keep them clean and what to send their lunches in to name a few points. In fact, I’ve been so worried that I’ve been thinking about it since May when we enrolled The Kids in French School*.

One of the reasons I’ve been so worried is that I have a “thing” for plastic containers. I use them as little as possible and would rather throw a naked half apple in my purse than put it in a plastic bag. I think that it stems from the fact that while in Mexico, we don’t readily have access to hot water for washing and I’m pretty sure that a dirty plastic container was the cause of one of our food poisonings.

So, after months of researching, searching and price comparing, I was pleased to find everything that I needed all in one place at Baby Joy, Canada’s online premier organic and natural baby store. If the name sounds familiar that’s because I’ve been raving for several years about how they provide Canadian parents with the convenience of one-stop organic shopping from the comfort of their home. Organic, natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, and eco-friendly baby products are all we carry in our extensive online store.

Baby Joy-Colibri-Giveaway2

Every thing from muffins to apples and crackers to cheese will be sent in large, small and wide zippered and BPA Free snack bags from Colibri. Founded in 2008 by two Canadian sisters, Colibri have become a popular eco-friendly company that makes great reusable snack bags, wet bags, and wash cloths. At, you will find wide selection of Colibri reusable bags and wet bags from great design prints to different sizes.

Baby Joy-LunchBots Rounds-Giveaway

Then I realized that I needed a solution for sending apple sauce or yogurt as well as sandwiches so that they actually look like sandwiches and not “unknown bread products” when it comes time to eat them. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when I started to do my happy dance after finding LunchBots Rounds and Food Containers.

Founded in 2008, Lunchbots have become a popular brand that make quality stainless-steel food containers and meal sets. Simple yet modern, Lunchbots food containers are safe, light, and durable and dishwasher safe. Their Stainless steel leak proof food container set includes two 8oz PBA Free containers available in several cute colours. And they also have several sandwich or bento box options like the 6″x5″ options that we got.

Baby Joy-LunchBots-Giveaway

Baby Joy’s variety of product lines as well as FREE Shipping in Canada for orders over $39 makes heading Back to School easier but they’ve gone a step further by offering one of you the chance to WIN a LunchBots Prize Pack that includes a LunchBots Felt Lunch Box and the LunchBots Trio Food Container valued at almost $54CDN. This giveaway is open to Canadians and ends August 31, 2015 so get your daily’s in. Click the graphic below to enter. Good Luck!

Baby Joy LunchBots Giveaway

What Do You Send Your Kids Food to School In?

* From September to November, The Kids will be attending a full day of school where French is the only language spoken. Max is looking forward to riding the bus, lunch and recess and Artemis is looking forward to crafts, reading, writing, making friends, and being a leader amongst other things. Personally, I can relate more to Max…

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39 thoughts on “Get Ready for Back to School with LunchBots from @BabyJoy_ca

  1. kristen visser

    my daughter doesnt start school till next year . The LunchBots Felt Lunch Box and the LunchBots Trio Food Container look like great products something i would definitely consider when shopping

  2. Dianne

    I pack my grandchildren’s lunches in plastic containers or thermos jars depending on what I make them when I look after them. They have lunch bags that match their backpacks.

  3. Moe Bwell

    We start with the cute little plastic tubs, but after about a month, they warp, or are forgotten at school and lost, so it’s back to plastic baggies.

  4. Brandee H

    My son loves the Calibri Ninja bags. Those are our go-to bags for quick snacks. We also have a lunch bot, and a Planetbox. I also have a variety of metal containers for single snacks as well. Now I need to find a good water bottle for JK for my son. I also dislike plastic! 🙂

  5. kristen sowko

    I look for products that are natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, and eco-friendly!!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!! 🙂


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