Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Weekend with Essentials from Stayfree

150811 - Scenic Caves1I need a vacation.

If you’re asking yourself, “but I thought you just came back from three weeks away”, you’d be right. But it was a lot of work getting here.

When I used to work full-time, taking even an afternoon off involved three weeks of planning, bribing of some sort or another and many sleepless nights. Given that I only got two weeks off a year, it was probably worth it. Probably.

You would have thought that since I don’t work outside my home anymore that things would be different but they’re not. I still have to pack up the whole family, empty out the fridge (and clean it too), close up the house, find boarding for the dog and get her there, have our mail forwarded and the list goes on.

See why I need a vacation!


* Photo taken by greyerbaby

Whether you work outside or inside your home, it’s important to take the time to sit back, put your feet up and take off some weight. Since school starts on Tuesday and you’re all ready (unless you’re like us and school started this past Tuesday) you should take some time to yourself. Unless of course that you’re not ready in which case, you really need to win this weekend getaway prize pack.

Stayfree, The Panty Party and Carefree know what it’s like to be a woman each month. When we took their Stayfree Challenge, we were really impressed with how their product not only did what they said it would but also how it exceeded all of our expectations. Not only are they working hard to bring you comfort and security each month but they’ve also started a movement to encourage woman to throw away their Granny Panties and live with the knowledge that everything would be okay.

Learn more about what the The Panty Party has planned by visiting their website and following them on Twitter. Don’t forget to get your free samples!

Whether you find yourself having a quiet virtual vacation in the backyard or somewhere away from home, you’ll be half packed and on your way with this great essentials prize pack from Stayfree.

Stayfree Weekend Getaway Giveaway

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277 thoughts on “Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Weekend with Essentials from Stayfree

  1. Debbie S.

    Stayfree Maxipads overnight with Wings, Stayfree® Ultra Thin® Pad Overnight with Wings and Stayfree® Maxi Pad Regular with Wings, all their products are very trustworthy and dependable

  2. Lynne M

    I’ve heard of all of them, as I read flyers all the time and see them when I shop. I’ve used the Stayfree® Maxi Pad Regular with Wings

  3. Erika Letson

    I have tried the Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads- Overnight with Wings and they are great! I always find Stayfree pads at a great price!

  4. Alyssa Crisfield

    I have heard of the Stayfree Maxi Pads, but haven’t been able to try their products yet. Here’s my chance! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. rachel

    ive tried the regular maxi pads but hadn’t seen the Stayfree® Ultra Thin® Pad with Thermo Control® Technology before–sounds great!

  6. Carole Dube

    I have tried several of the Stayfree pads, they really work well. MY favourite is Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings.

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  8. Heather Howard

    I’ve tried all of the pads with wings and the panty liners. 🙂
    I buy:Stayfree® Ultra Thin® Pad Super Long with Wings the most along with the pantyliners.

  9. Alayne Langford

    Between you and I, and my 4 daughters, we have had our fair share of Stayfree thins, maxis and overnight pads, with and without wings! 🙂

  10. Amber Y

    I’m still in search for the perfect overnight pad. I haven’t tried Stayfree’s Overnight Pad yet, but i’ve seen it and who knows? It could be the one!

  11. Julie Z

    I’ve heard of most of their products and tried several, but my favourite is the Ultra Thin Overnight pad. The wider back and wings are definitely musts for me at night!

  12. Aliya D

    I’ve been using Stayfree pads since I was 15 years old; they are my brand of choice. LOVE, their Overnight Thin Pads; they are the reason I don’t stress about soiling my bed accidentally during my period. They are awesome!

  13. Brenda G.

    I’ve tried Stayfree maxi pads long with wings and love it because they feel comfortable. I think staying relaxed lowers the cramps for sure.

  14. Angela Mitchell

    I think I’ve pretty much tried all their products before, although I prefer their products with wings not without:)

  15. Charlene Lucas

    I have been using Stayfree products for years and have heard of pretty much all of their products but especially like the Stayfree Overnight pads.

  16. Tammi L.

    I have heard of all of them and tried both the Ultra Thin Pad Super Long with Wings and the Ultra Thin Pad Overnight with Wings.

  17. anna key

    I haven’t tried any of the stayfree products, and haven’t paid them much attention in the store but I’m sure I’ve seen the maxi pads (in different shapes) before. I hadn’t heard of any of the others (like the overnight one) before.

  18. Bailey Dexter

    I never heard of the Stayfree® Ultra Thin® Pad Regular with Wings, I didn’t know that they were inspired by athletic wear. Also that they features flexible layers that move with your body, while Thermo Control® Technology wicks moisture away.

  19. Sarah T

    I have tried Stayfree Ultra Thin Maxi Pads before and was impressed that something so thin and unnoticeable to others could work so well

  20. Sally Gearhart

    I’ve used several stayfree products like the ultralight overnight with wings & the super long with wings. Great products, now my daughter uses Stayfree!

  21. Laurie W.

    I think that I have tried pretty much every product in their line at one time or another but I really liked the Stayfree® Maxi Pad Super Long with Wings for overnight protection.


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