Canada Day Flag

Celebrating Canada Day 2014 the Newfoundland Way

If I had actually posted this Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday like everyone else (don’t get me started) then today would actually be Canada Day. But it isn’t so let’s pretend. Speaking of pretending, since Canada Day fell on a Tuesday… «more»

The Canada Day Party That Almost Wasn’t

For the past two years, we’ve been going to friends of ours for their Canada Day celebration (Chuck’s birthday–the host is on the 3rd). It’s a four day extravaganza but the Sunday is reserved for a massive potluck with around… «more»

You Know You Live in Canada When Humour

You Know You Live in Canada When…

Last week, the weather in Ontario was +553 degrees (note that it was probably closer to 35 degrees celcuis but you get my drift) and this week it was -100 (see previous note and insert 10 degrees instead). Bottom line,… «more»