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Journeys of The Zoo LogoJourneys of The Zoo documents the Daily Life and International Travels of The Zoo; Ed, Sarah, The Kids and a menagerie of pets. They don’t call us “The Zoo” for nothing.

We spend six months of the year in Mexico and the rest of the time in Ontario, Canada. We speak English, Spanish and French and love the words Acceptance, Compassion and Empathy.

Our focus is supporting Canadians and putting a humourous slant in all our writings including Product Reviews.

The Zoo is available to provide services such as; Blogger Outreach, Sponsored Posts, Twitter Party Hosting and Assistance, Social Media Campaigns and Reviews and Giveaways.

We provide our honest opinion on a variety of products | every day household consumables | environmentally conscious products | big and small appliances | educational toys | games and puzzles designed for a four year old boy and girl | dog food | men’s, women’s and children’s clothing | food products | local attractions | and personalized items.

Contact Sarah to find out how we can help you promote your business (journeysofthezoo@hotmail.com).

140422-Sarah De DiegoSarah is the author of Journeys of The Zoo.

Her interests include providing for her family, gardening, sustainability, supporting others and family walks. She does some of her best thinking in the shower. She became a Mother for the first (and last) time when she had Triplets in 2009. Sadly, Alexander passed away.

Her mantra is “Life is Short”.

Alexander the Great

Alexander was named after “Alexander the Great” 356BC-323BC. He is our first-born King, and considered to be one of history’s most successful commanders. After a valiant fight, Alexander passed away from “Necrotizing Enterocolitis, NEC”.

We miss him every minute. Alexander and Max are identical (mono/dizygotic) twins.

Max - August 2 2014Max(imilian) was named after “Maximilian the Emperor” 1459-1519 and is second in-line to the throne.

His interests include catapulting things into the air, determining what fits in electrical outlets and deconstructing everything.

Artemis - August 14 2014Artemis was named after “Artemis the Goddess” of Ancient Greece.

She loves puzzles, looking after others and ensuring that everything is as it should be. Don’t try to call her “Artie” or “Missy”.

Maya The Dog

In December 2015, after knowing her for over two years, Maya finally got to be a member of our family. Something that she’s wanted to do since she first met us.


Aries the Cat

Aries, usually referred to as “Aries the Cat” was the Matriarch of the Family. She was born in the month of April making her born under “The Ram” Zodiac sign, hence her name.

On January 29, 2014, at almost 18 years old, she passed away suddenly from renal failure. She was the first member of the original Zoo. Read her tribute post. She will be forever missed.

Reina the Dog
Reina is “Queen” in Spanish and she lives up to her name.

Don’t let the fact that she’s an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier scare you as she is gentle, kind and loved by all. She’s even bionic!

On November 1, 2015, after almost 10 years with us, the remaining original Zoo member passed away from kidney cancer. Having her come into our lives made us find our desire to help other cats and dogs in Mexico. Her legacy will live on in each and every animal that we save.

Phoenix the Dog
Like Reina, Phoenix is a rescue dog. He was named after The Phoenix. He has multiple health issues but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in enthusiasm. He is a Boxer after all.

On January 23, 2015, he passed away due to health complications including an enlarged heart. Phoenix was the third member of the original Zoo. Read his tribute post. He will be forever missed.

These are the Journeys of The Zoo.

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[This was updated in March 2016]

29 thoughts on “About/Contact The Zoo

  1. Heather & Kenzie (and Kevin)

    Hey Sarah. Thinking about my little girl going to Wop and thought of you and the kids (and Ed). Hope you are good. Weather here is still great are you south yet? It was fun meeting you at September camp. Maybe next year? Thanks for your hospitality. Heather

  2. Amanda

    I also have an Alexander, and I have a Nicholas, as in Nicholas and Alexander, of the Russian Czar fame. My goddess within is Artemis, so I think I will really enjoy your site. Look forward to reading more!

    1. admin

      Dear Amanda,

      Love your kids names! I think we’ll get along famously too. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Besos Sarah

  3. Jim Clarke

    Dear Sarah,

    Would you like a complimentary review copy of my fairy tale, The Bifrost Bridge? I think Max and Artemis are old enough for you to read it aloud to them. In return, I simply ask that you write a review and place a copy of it either on amazon or Goodreads.


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  5. AlwaysARedhead

    I love you the names of your children, they are unique and beautiful. Our oldest was named after my Grandmother, she has been gone quite a long time now, but had many years enjoying my three children. I think of her almost daily. Our second daughter was named after my grandmother’s sister, also very dear to my heart. Our son, his name was a name that Matt and I agreed upon, he was named after Moses’ brother.
    AlwaysARedhead recently posted…Flying PoopMy Profile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Catherine,

      Thank you for your kind words about The Kids names.

      I love that your daughters were named after their Grandmother and Great Aunt. I was named after my two Great Grandmothers; Sara and Margaret. My grandmother always reminded my Mother that her Mother was named Sara and not Sarah (like me). Love the name Aaron.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Besos, Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…What Do You Do When Telemarketers Call?My Profile

  6. Marlina from Kiinzel

    Sarah, that was a wonderful intro to your beautiful ‘zoo’ family and I adore the names. I love your tips, humour, compassion and your vine vids! Your focus on creating quality family time and creating a unique life experience for your kids is inspiring. I’m on the same page.

    I’d love to offer a giveaway to you through Kiinzel.com
    Will send you a note. 🙂

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  8. Mary B.

    Hi Sarah,

    You have a beautiful family. I had a cat that we found in our driveway that died the same way only it happened after getting her teeth cleaned at the vets. Whatever they did to her, she just never was the same again. She died a week later. I had her for ten years and she was four or so from the vet’s guess when I first took for her shots.
    Mary B. recently posted…**WIN**Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Skin Care White Diamond and Black Diamond Collections Review + ($2,898) Giveaway! (2 Winners!)~Ends December 16, 2014My Profile

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