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Royal Canin #CatsAgingGracefully Challenge: The Happy Conclusion

For the past four weeks, The Zoo has been participating in the Royal Canin #CatsAgingGracefully Challenge.We have already shared updates with you on Aries increased appetite and digestion and improved appearance and energy levels. And today, we will share our… «more»

Meet Wild Animals at Canada’s African Lion Safari

It’s been many years since I set eyes on a Lions tonsils or the “presents” that the monkeys left on our car hood, however, I remember our visit and their catchy jingle like it was only yesterday. Even after all… «more»

#IAMSSoGood Doggie Jam is a Must Attend Concert

Reina and Phoenix love Iams and so do I. Especially their sense of social responsibility and recognition that our pets are valued and cherished family members that deserve the best both physically and artistically.  Artistically? Absolutely! On June 8, Iams… «more»

All-Natural Cat Litter Getter Keeps Odours Away

Aries The Cat turned 17-years old last month. That’s around 3,789,324 human years. While she hasn’t had issues with not using her litter box, since we moved it, we now notice the smell. When I heard about this product that… «more»

Show @Iams and The World How Much you Love your Pet

No secret about it, The Zoo loves animals.Reina, Phoenix and Aries the Cat have been a part of our family since the beginning and they aren’t the only furry ones. Every year, while in Mexico, we always gain a few… «more»