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What Do You Do When Telemarketers Call?

If you’ve ever owned a phone then you’ve probably received a phone call from a Telemarketer. I have and I didn’t even have a phone. Try to figure that one out. This post isn’t meant to bash Telemarketers because we… «more»

Phantom Dentist Logo

Does Being Late Bother You?

You’re invited to a party. The invitation says 6:30pm. At exactly 6:26pm, you pull into the driveway or you dial the hosts to let them know that you’ll be a bit late. No more than 10 or 15 minutes. If… «more»

Bubba the Goldfish

Dear Neighbour, Thanks for the Goldfish. Not.

Most days, around 1:30pm, my Neighbour knocks on our door. She’s come to collect one of The Kids. But not both. Which is fine because we don’t work like that. Life isn’t always fair. Last week, she took Max for… «more»

Christmas Tree-250x200

Our Non-Traditional Christmas Holiday Tradition

A friend recently told me that she leaves her outside Christmas tree lights on all year long. And it got me to thinking about how absolutely normal she is. I mean, I didn’t think that anything could beat the weirdness… «more»

child takes forever to get ready

If You’re a Parent Then You Can Relate To This

Uncle Eric stopped by this morning. He doesn’t need an excuse but he happened to bring in the mail.As usual, I invited him in and offered to make him a coffee. Truth be told, I hadn’t had my daily fix… «more»

Friendship Friday Humour

The Time I Almost Blogged on My Day Off

For the past few days, I have been reviewing the bejesus out of kids toys. Not that there’s anything the matter with that. Anyone notice the Seinfeld reference? But it’s hard work playing all day and blogging at night so… «more»

These are a Few of my Favourite Things…

A few weeks ago, I visited Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday Hop and ended up posting about How the Gift of a Quarter Changed my Life.These things happen. One of’s.But then, I stopped by this week and it happened again.… «more»