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Sunday Night at the Movies: Mermaids, A Comedy?

It’s been a long time since Ed and I were in a movie theatre together. Think 2008. Even so, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen any movies together. Back in October 2011, we had a month long, James Bond… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #22 Quantum of Solace and Recap

Tonight we watched #22, “Quantum of Solace” (2008). The female lead was incredible, the plot was top notch especially the continuity with the previous film and there wasn’t a gadget to be seen. Not one. The theme song was something… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #20 Die Another Day

Tonight we watched “Die Another Day” (1999) with Halle Berry. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to Ed’s expectations. The first part of the movie was really great and showed such promise but then the plot got hookey (really hookey). Ed… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #18 Tomorrow Never Dies

Tonight we watched #18, “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997). The beginning was my favourite so far. I loved the movie’s female lead and Carver was great (his shimmy was my favourite part in the movie). The special effects were amazing and… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #17 GoldenEye

So far my favourite ending is “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (I know, it’s also the movie that I liked the least), followed closely by tonight’s movie #17, “GoldenEye” (1995), Pierce Brosnan’s first time as Bond as well as a… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon #16, Licence to Kill

Tonight we watched “License to Kill” (1989). It was Timothy Dalton’s second (and last) Bond film and starred Carey Lowell. Carey also starred in Law and Order as A.D.A. Jamie Ross from 1996-2001. I recognized her right away but Ed… «more»

Phone Calls and James Bond 007 Marathon #9

This morning, while Ed and I were in the kitchen together (read on and you will see how this point is important), we got a call on the home phone. This is not unusual as our home phone number is… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon #7 and Crayola Crayon Maker

Initially, I was going to give this movie a “9”. Yes, I liked it that much. Then, Ed reminded me that Pierce and Craig are sure to bring the high ratings. Then, I remembered that I gave “From Russia with… «more»